"As long as I continue to enjoy what I am doing I will carry on"

London House franchise owner David Degiorgio launched his business in 2005 and is set to renew his franchise agreement for a further five years

hile running his successful London House business David Degiorgio is also the treasurer of his local scout group.

"I'm involved with maintaining the books, which is almost like running a small business in itself," David reveals. "I have been involved with the scouts for 28 years so it was something I was already involved with before becoming a London House franchise owner.

"Each November we put on a fireworks display in Ipswich, which has grown to attract between 15,000 and 30,000 people and is the biggest in East Anglia. Over the years this has helped us to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for our scout group and has enabled us to re-build the scout hut and provide all the equipment and facilities needed, as well as contributing to the running of the summer camps."

David admits that his work with the scouts can be demanding, especially during November, however it has not impacted on the success of his London House business. "I used to own the Colchester, Suffolk and Norfolk territories, however I sold Norfolk last year," he explains. "Last year with the sale of Norfolk I gained a turnover of £87,000 and this year, now that I am operating just Colchester and Suffolk, I should get a turnover of £67,000."

Before David launched his London House business in 2005 he had worked in insurance. "I started working in insurance straight from school," he remembers. "After working in it for over 30 years I decided that I wanted to do something different and began looking into franchising. When I came across the London House opportunity I immediately felt it suited me, as although I had no previous experience in investigations, some of the work was similar to what I had done before. Additionally, I liked the fact that it involved dealing with a variety of people and I felt comfortable working with the head office team, who I found were reassuring."

Like all new London House franchise owners, David was provided with thorough training before launching his business and has had ongoing support since. "London House provided me with a two-week training course that was held at head office and which really set me up for the launch of my business," he says. "The training was mainly classroom based, however, I also visited some jobs, which provided hands-on training. I have found that since my launch London House has been there whenever I need them. For example, if I come across something I'm not sure about I can always call head office for advice and once a year someone will come out to meet me to review how my business is progressing."

Five years since launching his London House franchise, David has no regrets. "I get a great satisfaction from relying on myself and knowing that the service I provide will always be the best possible," he explains.

"I will soon be reaching 60 and I am planning to renew my franchise for a further five years, which will take me to retirement age. However as long as I continue to enjoy what I am doing I will carry on."

Reported by Derin Ibrahim

Franchise investment requirement

London House offers two investment level options for aspiring franchise owners. The Standard package provides a town-sized exclusive territory and can be secured for £10,750 + VAT, while the Premium package covers a larger, regional territory combining a number of population centres for an investment starting at £19,750 + VAT. Both packages include the same level of comprehensive training, ongoing support, full marketing launch programme and access to a Franchise Help Desk, plus introductions to known clients and recommendations on local networking events.