McDonald's hamburgers - the franchise you can love

When it comes to delivering the McDonald's brand promise directly to our customer, every hour of the day, every day of the year, we rely heavily on our franchisees. Worldwide, over 70 per cent of our 30,000+ restaurants are run by independent entrepeneurs - making us the largest and most successful franchising company.

Due to our extensive presence, we have opportunites in many parts of the UK for outstanding, successful people to become owner/operator of an existing trading restaurant.

As a franchisee you will benefit from a powerful brand that has come to stand for uncompromising quality, unbeatable value for money, friendly and efficiant service, impeccable hygiene and unerring consistency - the challenge is to leverage the benefits of these priceless brand values locally.

In short, McDonalds continues to offer a long-term business opportunity to successful people who we can rely on not only to deliver these core values to our customers but who can also help us to develop the brand further...