Get a head start with a Merry Maids Franchise

With training and support developed over 15 years, Merry Maids franchisees are given a head start in the growing domestic cleaning industry. Adam Browning interviews franchisee Wendy Burre

After moving back to the UK from South Africa, and with two young children to look after, Wendy Burre needed something that would give her a good level of support and guidance. Discovering that franchising would be able to realise her ambitions, Wendy set about the task of finding the right opportunity for her.

'We spent over a year researching, attending exhibitions and doing our groundwork. In fact, we looked at all kinds of opportunities but it was Merry Maids that really stood out to me,' she enthuses. 'When we met the franchisors they had an extremely personable approach. I was encouraged to speak to other franchisees and this gave me a greater sense that this was an opportunity that would work for me.'

The Merry Maids concept was launched by the ServiceMaster Group in the USA over 20 years ago and puts its experience to the test by providing services to around 30,000 customers daily. Established in the UK since 1991, Merry Maids has become one of the country's most respected and successful domestic cleaning franchises in a rapidly growing industry.

With over 100 franchises in the UK alone, Merry Maids provides franchisees with a real head start in the domestic cleaning market. 'We received a great deal of training,' states Wendy. 'Merry Maids taught me about all the aspects of setting up and running my own business.' Wendy reports that she still receives the quality support that was so important to her when she launched her business in 2000. 'Merry Maids looked after us very closely during our launch and were always there to help.' Wendy reflects. 'Six years on and they are still more than willing to help should we need them. There is a very strong network between the franchisees and the franchisor that I would consider one of the best in the business. Although we're independent there is always close contact between the franchisees, no one is competing and we are all there for each other.'

Building her business, Wendy benefited by repeat custom and word-of-mouth referrals generated by Merry Maids. Within two years of launching, Wendy's business had grown to the stage that she had a team of employees and moved to commercial premises.

'I've always been one to push myself and my operating territory now covers the whole of Lincolnshire,' reveals Wendy. 'I'm always looking forward to how far I can take the business and feel there's huge potential in the franchise.' As an investment, Wendy says her Merry Maids franchise has more than paid off.

'We're financially secure and I do a job that I enjoy and have enthusiasm for. I'd say that where I am now is exactly where I've always wanted to be.'