Metro Dogs: Where there's muck there's brass

The petcare market is booming. Britons spend in the region of £2.6Billion on petcare and a large proportion of that is spent on grooming.

MetroDogs is the world's first Self Serve Coin Operated Dog Wash franchise.

Anthony German, Managing Director of MetroDogs says 'There is a large market of dog owners wanting to wash their own dogs rather than pay someone to do it for them. MetroDogs provide these owners with a facility that is easy to use, rather than using the family bath tub, laundry sink or a bucket and hose. Franchisees can own and operate a successful dog wash service without the need to be hands-on with the washing and grooming of the dogs. This is left to the dog owners and our franchisees can focus on maintaining the dog wash facility and building the business.'

Uniquely Metro dogs is designed to suit many different environments, either as stand alone premises or as free standing units situated alongside veterinary surgeries, service stations, car washes or busy dog walking country side parks. In the UK approximately one in four families own a dog. Based on a territorial figure of 4000 houses, there are potentially 1000 dogs in your area. It has been proven that 50% of these dogs are washed at least once a month. Statistically that equals 500 mucky pups are in need of your grooming facility every month. On average that's 15 washes per day.

Washing around 10 dogs a day, your return on investment with a MetroDogs facility would be around 30%. 15 dog washes a day would return 40%. Whereas washing 20 dogs a day - your ROI will reach around 50%. Metrodogs provides outstanding opportunities for investors wanting to break into the PetCare market or for additional services to an existing PetCare business. Initial investment from £20k.