Franchise Expo Producers Amp Up Marketing Efforts in 2010

As producers of some of the USA's premiere franchise tradeshows, MFV Expositions recognises the need to keep franchise exhibitions highly visible, especially in a congested marketplace

In order to further reach its target franchise audience and build on the success of MFV and IFA-produced franchise shows, MFV, which has organised franchise events for almost 20 years, has recruited the services of some of America's top franchise marketing agencies. Together these agencies will work on a marketing campaign that will ultimately increase the visibility of the International Franchise Expo, West Coast Franchise Expo and Franchise Expo South.

We asked Tom Portesy, president of MFV Expositions to explain in greater detail what this means to the franchise industry and how these new relationships will benefit the franchise community as a whole.

Question: What's the goal of the new campaign?
We launched this campaign with the International Franchise Expo (IFE), as we wanted to make a big splash and set the tone for West Coast Franchise Expo and Franchise Expo South. We teamed up with several top marketing companies and public relations agencies on a new strategy to work with industry experts and really kick up the visibility of the franchise expos. As there is a wealth of franchise marketing talent, we wanted to take advantage of their expertise in order to better reach our core audience.

Q: How will the campaigns reach prospects?
In advertising, it's imperative that you reach the audience in as many ways and with as much frequency as possible. We chose marketing agencies that would help us rebrand our messaging and really capture the attention and interest of our core audience - qualified franchise prospects. It's all about frequency, and the IFE campaign had a targeted approach that could not be avoided so we used television and radio spots, regional, national and international print, direct mail pieces, email, social and online marketing to name a few.

Q: How will the new campaign help franchisors?
We are extremely excited about this launch and believe attendance levels at all shows will be strong. We are committed to bringing innovation and growth to the franchising world. With these new partnerships we will revitalise our media relations and increase press coverage. Our marketing efforts will have a stronger message that will reach more people. We're not just aiming at increasing numbers but reaching out to the right prospects - the qualified, serious prospects that are ready to take the next step. We want our franchisor community to directly benefit from these changes and believe they will see strong results in attendee quantity, but, more importantly, quality.

Q: What was the end result of your campaign?
In regards to IFE, we wanted to make sure the message was strong, consistent and that we built frequency in it. Our main goal with IFE was to boost attendance. It's about finding and targeting the right prospect with the right means and motivation. At the end of the day we didn't want to just get people in the door - we wanted to make sure the right people were walking through the door.

Q: Why do you believe franchise expos like IFE are a major cornerstone of the future of franchising?
These expos have helped people find the business of their dreams. Events like IFE helped launch the concept of franchising and have literally brought thousands of franchisees to franchisors. In these difficult times we want to help find new ways to be even smarter and better about marketing franchise events to the public. MFV has been at this a long time, and have been very successful, but now we want to take it to the next level.