How to join the MOLLYMAID family

Navigating through the array of franchise opportunities to find the one that's right for you can be a challenging task. MOLLY'MAID is aiming to make the research process simpler with a step-by-step analysis programme

A management franchise in the service industry can provide the opportunity and flexibility that you are looking for. Often these are businesses that offer flexible working, open Monday to Friday during daylight hours giving you the opportunity to enjoy your evenings and weekends with family and friends.

You can start quickly because the business can be run from home and doesn't rely on finding the right store location - for example most of our franchise owners are up and running within 30 to 40 days. This also means that the businesses can grow very quickly by adding more people not by adding more office space.

Businesses like MOLLY MAID are very reliable - they can't be replaced by technology and operate in a secure business sector, with very high growth potential. They enjoy high consumer demand with steady repeat business. There are more and more women pursuing careers, people working in busy dual income households, young up and coming singles and recently retired seniors, all looking to have more time during the day which can be achieved through service businesses like MOLLY MAID.

MOLLY MAID has been operating in the UK since 1985 and our business system has been proven time and time again. The MOLLY MAID service provides high quality reliable domestic cleaning operated by franchise owners who manage teams of maids within an exclusive area.

MOLLY MAID is a management franchise which means our franchise owners employ staff to carry out the maid service. On further investigation you'll see that the franchise is an affordable investment that can yield high returns. It's built upon a proven system that reduces risk and is characterised by a relatively modest initial investment, low overheads, good cash flow and a high level of support from our support office.

When considering various franchise opportunities it's worth knowing from the outset what you can afford to invest and what borrowings you are prepared to commit to. It's also important to be clear about what your income goals are to support you and your family and the lifestyle you want. Once you know this you can talk to MOLLY MAID or any other franchisor for that matter to see whether they can help you to achieve your goals with the resources you have available. This is exactly what our research process is designed to help you identify.

Learning more about the MOLLY MAID opportunity
We have built a proven system to help prospective owners investigate whether MOLLY MAID is the right choice for them. It involves visiting us at our support office to help you investigate MOLLY MAID and meet the team. You will have opportunities to review the franchise agreement to learn about the legal and financial details and talk to franchise owners to hear first hand about what it's like. Then, together we can make an informed decision as to whether we have the basis for a successful working partnership.

The first step is the initial meeting at our support office and is really an opportunity to have an in-depth discussion about all aspects of the franchise and to discover if it is a good fit for you. It's important that you feel you can work with us on a daily basis if need be and that the organisation and business fits your personality. While you are with us you'll also gain an insight into the all-important relationship that enables the franchisor and franchisee to work in harmony to build a successful business in a strong and supportive network. We'll show you exactly how our franchises are performing now and how they have developed, so that you get a realistic indication of the income, costs, and profits you can expect at every stage in the development of your business.

Learning about you
Of course we want to learn about you too, as the only way we are successful is when our franchise owners are successful. We need to know that you possess the right attitude and personality, are not afraid of hard work and have the will and determination to succeed. We spend time with each prospective owner to ensure that they are making the right decision and have the skills and abilities to make the most of the business.

MOLLY MAID franchise owners come from all walks of life. We've found that a sales background can be an advantage but the strength of the MOLLY MAID name avoids the need for a 'hard sell'. We believe that previous business experience, professional qualifications and academic achievement are less important than a capacity for hard work and determination to succeed - a MOLLY MAID franchise is a full-time commitment requiring a great deal of effort and considerable energy in the first two years of trading. You have to give your all but once it's established you will have time for your child's sports day and the holiday that you were unable to take while you were so focused on getting the business established.

While we take you through the franchise opportunity in detail, we'll also fully research and profile your territory to make sure it is financially viable and offers the right amount of target customer households. If you then wish to take things further we'll give you a franchise agreement to study.

Learning about our franchisees
We will also arrange for you to talk to some of our franchise owners to hear first hand about their experiences with MOLLY MAID. We encourage you to do this because talking with other people who are just like you and who have already 'been there and done it' is the best possible way to help make your decision with confidence. They will tell you how much support they get from us and how well they are doing.

Following these discussions, if you are happy with everything you have heard we will invite you for a second meeting for a more detailed discussion covering your territory, cash flow forecasts and business planning.

Taking your interest forward
Once we've both agreed that we have the basis for a mutually successful working relationship, we'll be happy to receive your application. It's at this stage that we carry out our due diligence and all being well award you the franchise...and then the fun starts! We help and advise you on all aspects of starting up your business, including providing a week-long intensive training course. By the time you leave us on the Friday you are ready to start your business straight away the following Monday. We will assist in generating initial sales and recruiting and training your first cleaning team. If you want to find out more about the MOLLY MAID franchise you will never be under any pressure from us - we are as keen as you are to make sure there is a perfect fit before you finally commit to joining the network.

Franchisee Diary David Roney, Bath

I started out as a Civil Engineer, then moved into recruitment, but I knew that I wanted to run my own business and have the autonomy that it provides. I chose to go with MOLLY MAID because they are the most professional and are a well known brand. They are a full member of the British Franchise Association as well, which was important to me and re-enforced the credibility of the company. I also felt that they would put the most effort into supporting me and in growing my business.

I started with MOLLY MAID in January 2006 after a week of intensive training at the support office. I had my business advisor with me in the first week to help me get a team in place and to make contact with my first customers. There were many challenges in the first year; getting to know the area, finding the right staff, the right customers and the right distribution company were just some of them. In my first year my main target was to get three cars on the road, break even and establish the business in the local area. I achieved this and started to draw a salary.

This year I am planning to get to seven cars and employ an assistant to help me with the office administration. Right now I have five cars, so the extra two by the end of the year is a challenge I am looking forward to achieving.

On a personal front the best thing that happened to me in 2007 was my girlfriend agreeing to marry me. Business wise it was becoming the cleaner of choice in my local area, which was rewarded through my sales increasing and achieveing the targets set to qualify for the MOLLY MAID travel incentive to Crete. I am also very proud of the reliable team of staff I have working with me - they certainly make my days easier!

Text: MOLLY MAID Chief Executive Pam Bader OBE