MOLLY MAID - A franchise opportunity for all

Management franchise MOLLY MAID was one of the first franchisors to appear in The Franchise Magazine. Over the past 25 years it has attracted franchise owners from all walks of life. Fraser McKay talk to four of the company's more recent success stories.

Winner of the prestigious bfa Franchisee of the Year Gold Award 2009 MOLLY MAID Sandra Redmond, Franchise Owner for South West London joined the brand in 1995 and over the 15 years has built up the business to an annual turnover of almost £640,000.

"Getting to this stage has been hard work but very rewarding because I am now able to dictate the hours I work, the salary I earn and when I can go on holiday," says mother-of-one Sandra. "Being named bfa HSBC Franchisee of the Year added so much to my business by increasing my local profile and making everyone connected to the business proud to be part of it. On a personal level it was great to be recognised for the hard work that had been put in during what was a challenging year for all types of business."

Franchise keeps it in the family
When Derek Ward launched his MOLLY MAID franchise in 2002, he had no intentions of turning it into a family-run business. Eight years on however and his wife, son and daughter are operating the business alongside him.

"When I first joined MOLLY MAID I didn't realise what a great opportunity I had," reveals Derek. "I decided to bring my wife Elaine, son Dez and daughter Emma onboard because when the business began to grow I needed to recruit extra staff I could trust and you can't trust anyone more than your family."

During the eight years that Derek and his family have been running their MOLLY MAID franchise they have built it into a thriving business.

"Our turnover is currently over £500,000." Confirms Derek. "Although last year was tougher than normal, this year is going better and there is a much more positive feeling."

Mum is a MOLLY MAID success story
With her MOLLY MAID franchise generating an annual turnover of £475,000, Franchise Owner Imellda Courtney is now enjoying the rewards of her hard work, which includes a family holiday in the Maldives and a private education for her two daughters.

Imellda took over an established MOLLY MAID business when she was heavily pregnant with her first child. She explains: "Trying to find the balance between my work and family was hard to start with, as I needed to be there for the business and my daughter. I was able to resolve the situation by combining the two and attended the preliminary MOLLY MAID training course with my seven-week-old baby in tow."

Imellda has successfully juggled motherhood with building her MOLLY MAID franchise. "In my second year of trading I fell pregnant with my second daughter," she explains. "With the business established, it was easier to fit work around looking after my two daughters especially as I had employed an office manager to take care of the day-to-day tasks. MOLLY MAID is always very supportive, if I have any problems somebody is always on the phone and the other Franchise Owners now feel like my extended family!"

Rising out of redundancy
Friends Denise Walker and Lorna James both found the answer to redundancy five years ago by joining the MOLLY MAID network.

Denise explains: "It was while we were discussing our choices that we decided to start our own business. Initially we wanted to start from scratch, however as we were both in our early 50s, we didn't want to start from the bottom and have to build a brand reputation so MOLLY MAID provided us with the perfect solution."

The duo launched their MOLLY MAID Berwick franchise and, despite the recession, they are on target to reach their turnover target this year of £280,000.

Denise continues: "We understand the fear many people have when they are made redundant, but we advise that it could provide the perfect opportunity for a fresh start.

"The great thing about franchising is you get the support from people who know what they are doing and you are provided with a tried and tested method which, if you follow, will work."

Five top reasons for joining MOLLY MAID

  1. Well known brand

  2. Strong business sector

  3. Strong earnings potential

  4. Supportive culture

  5. Strength of customer offering

Pay MOLLY MAID a visit and see for yourself

Starting a franchise is one of the most important decisons you'll ever make, and at MOLLY MAID they will be happy to help you make the right choice. If you decide to visit the company's head office, the staff will show you all aspects of the franchise and answer any of your questions.

During your visit you will gain an insight into the all important relationship that enables the franchisor and franchise owner to work in harmony to build successful businesses within a strong and supportive franchise network.