Molly Maid: Realise unlimited potential in a huge growth industry

Molly Maid has restructured its franchise package, giving another opportunity to its franchise owners to grow their businesses. Marketing and Franchise Development Manager Andrew Parsons explains

The businesses of 66 Molly Maid franchisees just got more profitable, thanks to the introduction of a progressively lowered Management Service Fee by the company. 'Most franchisors would probably shy away from making such a significant change to their business model,' says Pam Bader OBE, Chief Executive of Molly Maid and past Chair of the British Franchise Association.

'For us it represented another opportunity to encourage and reward franchise owners to grow their businesses, something which should be the sole focus for a franchisor.'

Other innovative new approaches adopted by Molly Maid are an increased marketing spend for new franchise owners; an exclusive new territory design; and a proprietary support system called Right Start designed to help new franchise owners establish their business more quickly. 'These developments are what you would expect from an industry leader with an exclusive focus on making the business model as successful as can be,' says Pam.


Established for 20 years in the burgeoning house cleaning industry, which was recently valued at over £2 billion, Molly Maid rose to prominence in the early 1990s as increasing numbers of women went out to work and time was becoming a precious commodity. So too the dual income phenomenon was taking hold and changing cultural attitudes made it more acceptable to have services provided at home.

Independent market research conducted by MORI in February 2005 revealed that Molly Maid is the most well known trademark in the household cleaning industry in the UK. Total awareness was 12 per cent - twice that of the nearest competitor, and the rest were mentioned by less than one per cent. In areas where Molly Maid has representation, the same survey showed that awareness can rise to over 40 per cent. 'We are aiming for Molly Maid to be so well known that most people refer to it as a generic term for house cleaning,' says Pam. 'Think of a cola company or your favourite tomato sauce and odds are that the brand you think of first is the 'Molly Maid' of their industry.'

It's no surprise that Molly Maid is cleaning up in the exploding domestic service industry. 'Many of our franchise owners are growing at double digit rates, growth that is driven through a partnership involving their individual commitment and the desire and the dedication of Molly Maid support office,' says Pam. 'Our franchise owners are above all people-orientated. They understand how to motivate people, they enjoy meeting new people and they embrace the challenges offered by business ownership in a service environment. When you combine these skills with our team at Support Office the result is a winning formula for success.'


Starting any business is a challenge. You have to wear so many hats. You are the director of sales and marketing, human resources and finance. Individuals who succeed, according to Pam, are ones who are able to embrace these challenges and utilise the Molly Maid trademark and proven business system.

Good friends Lorna James and Denise Walker of Berwick, were looking for such a challenge. Having worked in the same job for the out-of-hours doctors' service for many years, when redundancy was offered both women jumped at the chance of continuing to work together, but this time it would be for themselves. 'We heard of Molly Maid when we saw job opportunity details advertised by a Molly Maid franchise owner and wanted to know more,' explains Lorna.

The opportunity seemed genuinely appealing. They knew it would be hard work getting the business off the ground, but also understood the long-term benefits of being part of a well known franchise. Since starting the business, Lorna and Denise have found that they need to be flexible and have a can-do attitude in all areas: 'We both feel that this is something we could not have done on our own as the demands in the early days are very high.'

Like so many Molly Maid franchise owners, Lorna and Denise have found that while the success of their business is largely dependent on their own individual efforts, the guidance and support that they receive from Support Office and other franchise owners is instrumental in the successful operation of their business. Franchise owners benefit from the experience of their Business Advisor, whose sole function is to assist them in the growth and management of their business.

'We never feel alone,' says Denise. 'You feel like you are part of the family. After the training week we started our business right away. Even though the training week was very comprehensive, we had three days' on-site support which was absolutely invaluable and our Business Advisor is never more than a phone call away.'


So what can you expect from the Molly Maid franchise in the future? 'In two words: continued success,' concludes Pam. 'With the highest brand awareness in the industry and a proven system of operations, Molly Maid franchise owners can focus their efforts on the most important parts of their business - customer care and staff - and realise the unlimited potential offered by this huge growth industry. Call today, and begin your career with Molly Maid - the market leader in domestic cleaning.'