Morris and co

As specialist franchise accountants, offering a wide range of franchise services, Morris & Co are proud to be an Affiliated Professional Advisor of the bfa. We can help you to develop your business model, leading to setting up a successful franchise. We can also advise on franchise sale valuations and the treatment of goodwill.

As specialist franchise accountants we can take away the responsibility for advising and training franchise owners in financial reporting, leaving the franchisor free to concentrate on developing the business, and can help franchise owners in setting up a successful franchise. Our experience as specialist franchise accountants enables us to provide franchise services with a balanced mix of technical and commercial advice, while at the same time makes us aware of the issues applicable to this field.

You may wish to take advantage of our current special offer which entitles you to a FREE 2 HOUR CONSULTATION with our specialist franchise partner, Phil Harrison. The meeting can be arranged with a time and venue to suit you and it is an opportunity to assess your current business activities and discuss any financial matters which are causing you concern at the moment.