Build a successful business & generate a significant income

Mortgageforce's Academy programme gives inexperienced prospective franchisees a head start in the financial services industry

With its low start up costs, overheads and comprehensive training, which includes the opportunity to qualify as a mortgage broker, Mortgageforce's Academy franchise is the ideal route for prospective franchisees that have no previous experience of the financial services sector.

Fed up with his role as a Sales Manager in the food industry, Peter Riley was looking for a new flexible challenge, where he could work for himself but not by himself and gain new qualifications. He explains: 'I wanted to work in the financial services industry and put my sales skills to good use. Mortgageforce appealed because I would have the safety net of a tried and tested business model, ongoing support and the opportunity to become a qualified mortgage broker. The thought of being my own boss and having control over my timetable was appealing because at that point I was looking to start building my own house and wanted to work flexible hours to fit in with the building commitments.

'I arranged a meeting with Mortgageforce's head office and spoke to a few existing franchisees and was impressed by the professionalism. I could see myself becoming part of the company and so in October 2007 launched my Warrington-based franchise. As a Mortgageforce franchisee you need to work hard and think smart especially in the current economic climate. To gain more business I developed a strategic partnership with another financial services company in my area that specialises in a different sector to me. By doing this, I am now able to offer clients services a comprehensive review of their finances.'

Established in 2000, Mortgageforce offers an award-winning business concept backed by the West Bromwich Building Society Group, which has been in operation since 1850. To date Mortgageforce has over 160 franchisees operating in its network and has won several awards including the UK's Best Mortgage Broker four years in a row and the Firm of the Year 2008 at the Financial Adviser Mortgage awards.

Mortgageforce franchisees are mortgage consultants and provide impartial advice on the mortgage market to their clients. The franchisees are able to compare a wide range of mortgages on offer from leading banks and building societies, which ensures the clients get the best possible deal. As well as this, franchisees also sell insurance and mortgage protection products. Initially, the franchise can be run from home, which keeps overheads to a minimum, and as the business grows, franchisees can move their business into an office or shop front premises if they choose to do so. This flexibility enables franchisees to take control of the size, cost and development of their business. After an encouraging first year of business, Peter's long term aim is to increase his annual profits by 50 per cent every year for the next five years. Once his house is built, Peter intends to work from the comfort of his own home in a purpose built office.

Mortgageforce Franchise Manager Malcolm Tongue says: 'Mortgageforce franchisees are able to build a successful business and generate a significant income based on their hard work. Mortgageforce franchisees are in control of their own business and enjoy the rewards of their hard work and effort.'

As part of the franchise package Mortgageforce provides franchisees with ongoing support and comprehensive training. Through the Academy Programme and ongoing support package, Mortgageforce offers a fantastic opportunity for those starting out in the industry, as well as people who have been mortgage broking for years, but have grown tired of the restrictions of being directly employed.

Other franchise package benefits range from advanced computer-based mortgage sourcing, submission and administration system, to head office business development and administration facilities. These enable franchisees to focus their time on their customers.

'The training and support package has been excellent,' enthuses Peter. 'It is very reassuring to know that if I ever have a problem I am not on my own - help is only a phone call away. The training has proved invaluable. When I launched my franchise I felt confident in my ability to advise and sell products to clients.

'I am looking forward to my future with Mortgageforce. When I was a Sales Manager I had four weeks' holiday a year and so extended travelling trips were off limits. However, now as my own boss I will be able to take long holidays with my wife once the business is established. The great thing about my franchise is that I can continue to run it from anywhere in the world, providing I have a phone and access to a computer!'