TFM spoke with Optic-Kleer Managing Director David Overton

TFM spoke with Optic-Kleer Managing Director David Overton, about how the brand is going from strength to strength and is now looking to expand further.

Please tell us a little about Optic-Kleer

Optic-Kleer is the largest independent windscreen repair only company in the UK. We offer high quality repairs to private and corporate customers and have a well-deserved reputation for excellence of customer service. Our repairs are normally at no cost to the customer, subject to insurance cover. With franchisees all over the UK, Optic-Kleer is truly at the head of an incredible industry, where the work constantly regenerates itself.

When and why did you decide to become a franchise business?

Optic-Kleer became a franchise business in 1991. I bought my own franchise area from Optic-Kleer in 2009. I loved running my own franchise and became the franchise manager. When the opportunity arose for me to own the company, I jumped at the chance and I am now a very proud franchisor.

What does Optic-Kleer offer over rival opportunities?

With Optic-Kleer you will not be alone. Not only are you trained how to repair windscreens, we also set up your business for you and you will have ongoing day-to-day support from Head Office. Once you have finished training, we have an established market which means you will earn from day one.

With 28 million cars on the road and 1 in 6 of them having a chipped windscreen, there is never a shortage of work, and in addition to this Optic-Kleer has very little competition in the market.

We have national contracts with most of the UK supermarket and DIY chains (Tesco, Homebase, B & Q and Morrisons) allowing you to operate on designated carparks. You don’t have to go out and find work, it finds you.

All franchise territories are professionally mapped out and each one gives the same excellent income opportunity.

Will your franchise owners work from a central database or will they be expected to bring their own clients in?

Most customers approach our franchisees, who are easily recognisable by our exceptionally vivid branding, in a high footfall supermarket / DIY store car park.

Our franchisees also receive leads from our national and local advertising and our powerful online presence with their own web page. Therefore, work comes to the franchisee as our brand is recognised, respected and has an excellent image.

What sort of person do you think would suit this franchise? What skills are necessary to be successful?

Our franchise could potentially suit anyone, as we will bring out the best in you. We have people from all walks of life, from white collar workers who want to get away from the corporate environment to shop assistants who want to be their own boss. Amongst other things, a successful franchisee needs to be passionate about the brand, professional both in outlook and appearance, have a strong desire to succeed and be a good communicator.

What are the next steps in your franchise journey?

To continue the growth of our business so that our national coverage will be complete.

How many locations do you have currently?

We currently have 50 franchisees covering 500 locations based all over the UK.

Briefly summarise your typical working day as an Optic-Kleer franchisor?

I am in early in the morning to ensure that all departments are ready for the day. I then focus my time on speaking to franchisees, supporting them to run their business and providing more opportunities for them to be even more successful.

What do you think is the most important thing to customers in this industry, and how does Optic-Kleer meet their demands?

We know that the most important thing to customers is convenience. With Optic-Kleer, customers do not have to make an appointment to have their windscreen repaired as we are in supermarket / DIY stores so they do not have to wait at home for their appointment, they can come along and have their windscreen repaired while they wait or shop.

Are you looking to bring on franchise owners in the next year? If so, how many?

Yes, we have availability for further franchisees and we have planned to bring on board and train 20 over the next 12 months.

What do you enjoy most/what is the most satisfying part of running the business?

I get great pleasure training franchisees to run a successful business and continuing to help them succeed.