Essex boys create magic with Oven Wizards

Clive Beeston and Keith Walton have recently launched their own oven cleaning businesses under the Oven Wizards brand name in Chelmsford and Romford respectively and are off to a flying start.

Mr Beeston said: “I went off to speak with several of the existing Oven Wizards Franchisees who all gave really good feedback, particularly in the area of on-going support that is provided.

“The launch event with John and Mark, at a large superstore just outside Chelmsford, went extremely well indeed, giving me over three weeks of work. This got me off to a great start. Oven Wizards have definitely delivered what they said they would and with the help and support of the other Franchisees this gives me the confidence to go on and build my new business on a firm foundation.”

For Keith Walton, who had already been self-employed, the thought of going into business with Oven Wizards really appealed to him. He said: “I needed to ensure that any franchise I purchased had the opportunity for growth to enable me to maintain the standard of living for my family, whilst freeing up time to ensure I was able to go to school plays, rugby matches etc.

“Choosing Oven Wizards was a no brainer as they have been running since 2004, with a great degree of success. John Graham and Mark Abbott, the Franchise owners, had already done the hard work of setting up training, arranging contacts for the supplies, advertising and stationery, etc., including everything needed for the first 3 months of trading was included in the franchise cost”