A new concept in franchising

Games like Candy Crush and Clash of Clans have helped usher in a new era for developers and investors alike. Now, Project Miner looks set to further revolutionise not only this industry, but franchising also.

Mel Morris was an entrepreneur and was offered, like many other entrepreneurs, the opportunity to invest in a game development company. Many others declined the offer as they thought it was too high risk or that the mobile games market was not a very lucrative one.

Mel Morris is an older gentleman and did not know much about mobile games or game development but, in his own words, he took a ‘punt’ and invested £140,000. Mel is now a shareholder in the company King Media, the game developers that successfully launched games such as Candy Crush and Pet Saga. King Media has just floated for $7 billion and from that Mel received over $530 million. Not bad for a punt. With some of this money he bought Derby County Football Club, the team he has loved and supported since childhood, and is now its chairman.

Since success stories such as Mel’s came to prominence, many entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and even the banks have now tried to tap in to this lucrative sector and have started to make huge investments in game development companies. King Media and Candy Crush are just the tip of the iceberg. The leading game at the moment is Clash of Clans, which makes over a $1 million a day and there are many other games earning similar amounts.

The company and the business

Game developers Project Miner are the new kids on the block and for the first time ever they are offering you the opportunity to buy a franchise on their new and unique game.

In short, the game they have under development is a gold mining game and gives the player the ability to be a gold miner and mine for virtual gold. Once you have mined enough virtual gold, you can save it in your pouch and then bank it. Once you have banked your virtual gold, you can then at anytime exchange this for real gold via our partners within the gold industry. These gold bars will then be delivered to your home securely within fourteen days.

This is the first time ever a game has been developed like this and you can imagine the buzz globally when people can play a game for free and win real bars of gold.

How do they make money?

Even though this market is still in its infancy,these games are making hundreds of millions of dollars a year from advertising and in‐app purchases, and these are the two revenue streams we will be accessing for our new game to pay for the gold and to make the business a success.

This game will not be a typical app. This is a AAA rated game that will be the launch pad for a new generation of games.

The franchise opportunity

Each gold mine within the game will be it’s own virtual franchise business and you will receive a share of the profits from the revenue received from people playing your specific gold mine.

Remember you do not need to know anything about gaming to be part of one of the fastest growing markets and you will get full training and support from the Project Miner team in all aspects of the business. There are a limited number of gold mines being developed to maximise the franchise owners’ profits, so go to www.project-miner.com to find out about this new and unique opportunity.