Love your new life!

You're ready for a change in your life, have management experience, don't want to drive a van for the rest of your life, are not afraid of hard work, could run a team of your own and want to build a healthy asset for yourself and your family.

Before you consider what business you want to be in you should ask yourself four questions:

  • What is the strongest marketplace I could work within?
  • How sustainable is the marketplace - is it affected by the economy and disposable income?
  • Can I carve myself a niche within it?
  • Can I be profitable within it?

Only if the answers are positive should you consider starting your own business.

Prokill provides anyone who has the determination and commitment to succeed with a proven model that will create a significant lifestyle change, endless variety, a healthy income and an ever increasing asset. Your business is largely contract-based so there is no reason why your turnover and profits shouldn't virtually double year-on-year to replicate the £million turnover of the core business within five years.

If you're ready for a healthy financial future then becoming a Prokill franchisee could be the best decision you've ever made!

'Six weeks on and I'm loving my new life!'
Justin Holloway, Prokill's newest franchisee, reports exceeding £15,000 turnover in his first six weeks with a further £10,000 expected in the following month.

Our franchisees say:
'Prokill has given me the tools to create a substantial business.'
'Every day I'm surprised at the size of the opportunity that presents itself.'
'I've always had confidence but starting a new venture and channelling my energies into what seems to be an outstanding opportunity is rewarding both my career and my pocket.'