'Anything is possible if you have the right people behind you'

Buying into an existing business and quadrupling its turnover in 10 years has enabled Adam Brenner to fulfil his ambitions of being a successful business owner

In just 10 years Adam Brenner has secured his family's financial future with his Newcastle-based Prontaprint franchise generating a £1 million turnover. With a growing retirement fund and a comfortable lifestyle, Adam is reaping the rewards of his hard work. 'My wife and I are very proud of ourselves,' says Adam. 'Getting to grips with the business took a lot of hard work with many late nights and to quadruple what was the existing turnover is a great achievement.

'My secrets to success are recruiting the right staff, training them to the highest level so that they know their roles inside out and having the Prontaprint tried and tested business model to follow. This ensured I avoided the common pitfalls of self-employment and had a good team behind me who I could entrust to look after the day-to-day running of the business if I was away.'

Before becoming a franchisee Adam worked at a large clothing company as Operations Director. When the company restructured, Adam took the opportunity to fulfil his ambition of running his own business. 'As my wife and I had no experience of running our own business we decided to explore franchising as a less problematic route to self-employment,' reflects Adam. 'We wanted to own a business-to-business franchise and while we explored many options it was fortunate that around the same time the Newcastle Prontaprint came onto the market.

'Prontaprint was a great investment for us because it had a long proven track record and a large network of franchisees operating successfully across the UK so we could envision ourselves achieving a similar level of success. The Newcastle centre appealed because it was in the city centre and was an existing business so we could hit the ground running with a client base and workforce already established.

'The initial training and support was great. We had four weeks' intensive training including job training in an existing franchise before we took over the Newcastle centre. This ensured we understood the business model and the work required. As time has gone on, we have needed different support from the franchisor and knowing that someone is always at the other end of a phone if we do have a problem is very reassuring.

'Running a franchise is not the easy option into self-employment as you still need to work hard to get where you want to be. However it is very satisfying. I love coming into work and still enjoy the pleasure of running my own business. I have learned that anything is possible if you have the right people behind you and the drive and determination to see it through.'

Interview by Jess Sturman