Fulfil your ambition with a Safeclean franchise

Using voluntary redundancy as a springboard to fulfil his ambition to become his own boss, Kieran Flemming is living his dream as the owner of a Safeclean franchise.

Keen to realise his dream of being his own boss, Kieran Flemming was already actively researching into owning his own business when he was offered voluntary redundancy in March last year. "I was still working for a printing company when I started looking into franchising and I even attended a franchise exhibition," remembers Kieran. "When I was offered redundancy I decided that investing in a franchise would be my best option. I looked at a number of different franchise concepts and Safeclean really stood out because of its ethical approach to business, strong business model and the environmentally friendly products used."

Safeclean is a furniture cleaning franchise that franchise owners can operate as either a van-based or management business. The Safeclean business model offers a full range of services from carpet, curtain and upholstery cleaning to stain protection and five year Guardsman Protection Plans.

Using its 38 years of experience in franchising, Safeclean has created a franchise package that ensures all franchise owners are confident in using the company's organic cleaning products. As well as the training, franchise owners are provided with thorough support. "Before launching my franchise I went on a two week training course held at head office," Kieran remembers. "The training was very thorough and covered everything from the business side of running my franchise to the practical aspect.

"When I finished my training I felt very confident about operating my business my myself. During and since my franchise launch I have had really good support from Safeclean, both in the form of telephone support and one to one." Kieran launched his Huddersfield-based franchise in April 2009 and he is currently concentrating on growing his business. "During my first year of trading I am aiming to reach my turnover target of £30,000," he explains. "Beyond this I want to grow my business and employ one or more people so that in the future I am able to take a more managerial role."

Fulfilling his dream of running his own business, Kieran is relishing being self-employed. "I really enjoy being my own boss and the fact that I am able to take a more managerial role and set my own work schedule," he says. "I also enjoy the day-to-day running of my business and going out and meeting people."

Reported by Derin Ibrahim