Knowledge is Confidence. The importance of proven training in establishing a cleaning business

In practice, cleaning carpets and soft furnishing fabrics is easy. The more difficult bits are all the preparatory procedures that need to be followed to obtain an effective and safe method of cleaning

The road to setting up a business as a professional cleaning technician can be a challenging one. In fact several years ago it was said that the average life of a new independent carpet and soft furnishing cleaning company was just four months!

One way of making life much easier for the intrepid entrepreneur is to consider joining a reputable franchise operation. There is still a considerable amount of effort and self-discipline required to make the venture a successful one but companies like Safeclean, which has over 38 years of experience in the sector, have proven that they have the right business format to be successful.

The main benefits are that you will be joining an existing and well established business with a nationally known name... that's a good start! You will have the added benefit of access to a tried and tested administration system that will enable you to keep on top of things, and more importantly, sleep at night. Then there is the continuing support of the franchisor who will be constantly there to guide you in the right direction...and we haven't even got around to the cleaning side of things yet.

Before any new franchisee is let loose on the general public most franchises put new franchisees through a fully comprehensive training programme that encompasses all the required disciplines. Using Safeclean as an example, each set of sessions are held over several days and cover topics such as how to sell the service and how to carry out a pre-clean survey. Franchisees are also taught how to identify the various fibres and construction detail of carpets and soft furnishing fabrics, which are relevant points when making a decision on what product is to be used or what particular cleaning method is applicable. Nothing is left out. Additionally, demonstrations are given to each franchisee showing how to use the various cleaning products, their applications and how to use them effectively in conjunction with the machines that all come as part of the package.

Good franchises will have sourced the most environmental and effective cleaning systems on the market and have made a conscious decision to use only the most advanced eco-friendly products available. They will have adopted different systems to address the different cleaning requirements of today's fabrics and fibres.

A common comment from new franchisees is: 'I didn't know that there was so much to learn!' Knowledge is confidence and franchisees need to go out into the world having all the knowledge and confidence to do a good job, safely. Most major franchise operations in the UK want to ensure that their new franchisees are joining an already effective team and have the best possible start to their new chosen career.

Written by Derek Bolton