40 Years of Franchise Success

Achieving four decades of franchising success is a remarkable achievement by any standards. Safeclean's Field Services and Franchise Director Andy Earnshaw explains the secrets of the company's consistently high performance.

Safeclean celebrates their fortieth year of franchising in 2010 - the first ever Safeclean franchise was sold on the 3 May 1970. Safeclean is proud to be a founding member of the British Franchise Association, and has been a full member ever since.

Andy Earnshaw, Field Services and Franchise Director at Safeclean, attributes the franchise's long history of success to three important factors.

"Safeclean's ability to adapt to change has kept us consistently ahead of the competition," says Andy. "We are always looking at adopting new technology to make our franchise owners' lives easier and their businesses more profitable. We also keep our finger on the pulse of the general market and use that information to improve the franchise offering. For example, we were the first national network to launch a full organic cleaning system. The continuing demand for this service sets Safeclean apart, resulting in more work for our franchise owners and happier customers."

"Safeclean also have the benefit of a proven system that we know works," Andy points out. "One of the most important advantages of investing in a franchise over starting your own business is the benefit of a tried and tested business plan. This removes much of the risk of a new venture and means that the valuable first months are spent growing the business rather than ironing out small organisational issues. Because this is such a consideration in the decision to franchise, it's important that your chosen franchise have thoroughly tested their business concept."

Andy also identifies reputation and a strong brand as being vital to long-term franchising success. "I love the Safeclean brand because I think it really encompasses the business and what we're about," he says. "The name says it all - Safe and Clean. This brand is recognisable and trusted by customers and so helps franchise owners attract new business. The backing of the Guardsman brand is also very valuable to us, both in terms of industry knowledge and contacts, because of the national call-out work we gain from them - and also franchise owners access to Guardsman customers for marketing purposes."

As Safeclean celebrates its anniversary of 40 years in franchising, Andy is thrilled with Safeclean's position in the market place.

"I love knowing that we're helping our franchise owners build their businesses, as their success is our success," he says. "So as long as we look after our franchise owners, the next 40 years should fly by!"