Safer, quicker & more thorough-Safeclean's new system reinforces No.1 position

Safeclean is thriving in the economic downturn as customers look to clean existing furniture rather than buy new

Safeclean has been trading for over 37 years so we know a thing or two about franchising. We know how to get it right and we know how to look after our network of 70 franchisees. With this in mind, Safeclean can proudly answer the question: 'What has your franchise done for its network over the last 12-18 months?'

Safeclean introduced new dry and deep cleaning systems including the Cyclovac, no other process will out-clean our unique equipment combination. With the introduction of this system Safeclean franchisees are using the most up-to-date and effective cleaning methods available. This means that customers are having their carpets cleaned safely, quicker and more thoroughly, with the added benefit that they can be used once the franchisee has left the house. Deeper cleaning means that deep stains are removed easily and quickly without the need for further application of product. This results in longer lasting cleans. That aids customer retention and strengthens the franchise further.

Before we adopted the new system, our national contract clients demanded proof that the new system outperformed the previous. We have been able to show a significant improvement in our stain removal success rates which has further reinforced our position as the number one stain removal company in the UK. This has attracted additional national contracts.

Following that came the launch of the plant extract-based organic cleaning system. Safeclean is the first company to introduce this unique system and still continues to develop its plant extract based product range. In the 1970s and '80s Safeclean was already thinking along the organic lines with safe, high quality cleaning by hand. Cleaning with natural sea sponges and using herbal foam. Then about 10 years ago we changed to a mechanical cleaning system and thanks to modern biochemical technology, are now able to combine true organic cleaning with the latest in mechanical cleaning technology.

The benefits of this cleaning system are really showing with increased order values, better customer retention and referral rates and new sources of enquiries. One franchisee has just won a contract for a chain of five nursing homes based purely on the organic system.

In February 2008 Safeclean launched Allergy-Out. The service is a new treatment which neutralises air and surface allergens such as pollen, animal dander, dust mites and mould spores. The active ingredient contained in this treatment derives from the papaya fruit. The treatment has been proven to significantly reduce the symptoms of some of the most common allergies such as Hay Fever, Rhinitis, Eczema and Asthma. Safeclean customers are now able to have their homes safely treated and reduce the strain imposed during suffering. This is another addition to our popular organic range and there's more to come. Franchise Development Executive Emily Webster adds: 'We listen to our franchisees and our customers. This was a request from the network and research led us to the Allergy Out system.'

Despite the fact that everyone is talking about the credit crunch, we believe that the cleaning industry will continue to thrive. Historically this has always been the case. Customers back away from replacing furnishings and look to extending their life through additional cleaning. Safeclean's unique cleaning system puts us one step ahead. In fact, we have found customers that are specifically looking for cleaning companies that offer the organic service - we are seeing more enquiries from our website specifically requesting a 'safe clean'. Additionally, a recent survey of 2,000 customers showed that 99.6 per cent of them were so happy with the service they would recommend Safeclean to friends and family. That repeat and referral rate is the bedrock of a Safeclean franchise and is the fundamental reason why we have been successfully franchising through thick and thin for over 37 years.

Reported by: Safeclean Franchise Manager Paul Fennell