'You do not always need straight 'A's to be successful in life'

By following the Select Appointments tried and tested business model Darren Leppard has built a seven figure business

With minimal qualifications Darren Leppard has turned his life around, from working as a warehouse operative to working as the Director of his own multi-million pound recruitment franchise, Select Appointments based in Leicester and Coventry.

'Investing in a Select appointments franchise is one of the most positive decisions I have ever made,' enthuses Darren. 'It has been a life changing decision and my success goes to show that you do not always need straight 'A's to be successful in life.

'When I was working as a Warehouse Operative I always believed I could do better. My initial thought was that it would be difficult to change career without any qualifications. I was wrong - I applied to several Recruitment agencies and used my warehouse experience as a unique selling point. One agency gave me the opportunity to prove myself and my career in recruitment took off from there.'

Darren worked his way up the ladder and eventually became Business Developer and an Executive Manager helping to improve the agency and bring in new business. 'I knew the recruitment industry was where I was supposed to be,' continues Darren. 'I enjoyed the fast paced lifestyle so much I never took the chance to sit back and reflect - I wanted to become the best.'

Keen to set up his own Recruitment Company and apply the skills he had gained working in the industry Darren, invested in the Select Appointments franchise. 'When I thought about setting up on my own the thought was very daunting,' explains Darren. 'A friend suggested the Select Appointments franchise and the more I looked into the idea the more I felt it was what I was looking for. Select Appointments has given me the best of both worlds - the independence of my own agency with the back up of a larger company to support me.

'One of the hardest tasks was taking over an existing branch of Select in Leicester, which had been around for 22 years, as no one seemed to have heard of it. I embarked upon an intensive strategy of promoting the brand in the community through local opportunities and through networking. Through these proactive strategies awareness of both the Leicester and Coventry-based Select Appointments franchises grew rapidly. Thanks to my hard work, dedication and honesty with both clients and candidates I have managed to build up my business to a combined annual turnover of £2.8 million.'