The UK’s premier workplace snack delivery business

Join a proven successful franchise with the UK’s premier workplace snack delivery business

Match your earning aspirations with our flexible package options.

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  • 16-Year Track Record
  • Flexible Packages
  • Income from ‘day one’
  • Cash Based Business
  • Major Brand Support
  • Easy to Operate
  • ‘Turn Key’ Business
  • Low Overheads (Business run from home)
  • Dedicated Support
  • Sales & Marketing Support

Like all the best ideas, Snack-in-the-Box is a simple one, so it’s easy for your customers to understand.

Everyone enjoys a snack during morning and afternoon breaks at work. They’re what keep people going! Is there anything better than tea and Twix? (Perhaps coffee and Snickers!).

Bosses love Snack-in-the-Box because it stops their staff wasting time going out to get snacks. And their staff love the convenience and choice, so they keep on buying from you – day after day,week after week, month after month, year after year!

Full national support network...

You’ll find that we’re honest, open and transparent. There are no hidden costs in becoming a franchise owner, and we’ll do our best to help you in every way possible, because if you don’t succeed,we don’t succeed.

You’ll be your own boss, running a straightforward business for which there is a huge demand, using established procedures that really work – as we’ve proved over the past 16 years!

You’ll have everything set up for you so that you can start trading within a couple of weeks of becoming a franchise owner.We guarantee to find your initial customer base, then we’ll support you as you grow your business.

“SITB has been successfully franchising for over 16 years. The stability in our franchise network can be demonstrated with the fact that over 60% of our franchise owners have been with us for over five years”
Sean Cleveland - SALES DIRECTOR.

Look what our franchise owners say...

“SITB provided me with new customers from day one and also trained me how to find new ones!”
Danny Lewens

“As new Franchisees we have found the support from our dedicated Franchise Manager ‘Brilliant’”
Phil Mcfadyen

3 great flexible options...

These options are designed to enable you to mix and match your final franchise package. Each week you deliver to the customer a new self service snack box/ re-stock the vending machines with Mars chocolate bars, sweets, crisps, other popular snacks and soft drinks, and take away the cash.

Example A

  • 150 self-service boxes
  • 20 slimline snack vending machines
  • 30 chillers

FROM £26,000+VAT

Example B

  • 120 self-service boxes
  • 45 slimline snack vending machines
  • 5 combination snack & drink vending machines
  • 30 chillers

FROM £45,000 +VAT

Example C

  • 90 self-service boxes
  • 65 slimline snack vending machines
  • 10 combination snack & drink vending machines
  • 30 chillers

FROM £61,000+VAT