Gain Access To Millions Of Customers In High Footfall Venues Throughout Europe

Gain Access To Millions Of Customers In High Footfall Venues Throughout Europe

  • Popup shop, kiosk and promotional space available
  • Low operating cost and risk
  • Ideal for franchising activity
  • High footfall venues include shopping centres, retail parks, garden centres and travel hubs

Short-Term Leasing In High Footfall Venues Provides Ideal Platform To Start New Franchise Business

  • Low overheads – Starting a franchise business reduces overheads you would otherwise have to consider, such as investing in “bricks and mortar” and marketing. Shopping centres and other high footfall venues invest in extensive marketing and promotional activities to attract more customers through the doors and promote consumer confidence in the retail concepts they offer.
  • Low risk – We provide the ability to test new products or services in a low risk environment with short-term commitment. Leasing terms are flexible and there is often no initial investment if you choose to retail on a mobile unit as we provide these in a number of locations.
  • High exposure to shoppers everyday – This gives clients more opportunity to sell their product. As you would expect, shoppers are predisposed to spending…they enter the venue ready to buy which gives short-term clients a pool of potential customers at their disposal.
  • Works for a range of products and services – including kitchen companies, gyms and retailers.
  • Range of high footfall venues to suit all products, services and target markets – Shopping centres are particularly successful to target families and females while garden centres work well to reach the “grey pound”. Retail parks have large promotional spaces to accommodate food catering offerings and car washes.
  • Gives clients a fantastic route to market and expansions – We have had many customers who have since expanded into a shop unit within the same shopping centre they had a kiosk. This enables clients to build on their existing customer base. Working with SpaceandPeople also provides franchisees the opportunity to easily expand across our portfolio with the support of a dedicated account manager.

We very much work in partnership with out clients, providing on-going support, designed to help you succeed throughout the term of your license.

About the SpaceandPeople Group
The SpaceandPeople Group is the leading international destination media specialist with 700+ venues and a weekly footfall of 70million. With offices in the UK, Germany, India and Russia, our remit is to match brands, promoters and retailers to the venues and footfalls that right for them. We market, sell and administer space in high footfall venues, including shopping centres, garden centres, city centres, retail parks and travel hubs. The company works to understand clients’ business, requirements and objectives to deliver the best result for their promotion and mall retailing need through promotional space, on-mall and pop-up activity.