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Very low running costs with multiple revenue channels and ongoing passive income

The world is changing fast and one of the key drivers for this change is communication. The mobile phone and internet set the primary foundation for this communication.

It will only be a matter of time before every sports club and school in the country will need to have an efficient means of getting urgent and timely messages out to the mobile phones of their members, parents and officials.

The SPORTCHECK franchise has been developed for this reason and all our franchise owners have to do is present the system to clubs and schools in their territories.

Clubs and schools pay an administration setup fee and you will share in this as you build the number of users. You will also receive ongoing income from a share in every outgoing text message. There are also endless income opportunities in sponsorship arrangements.

You really would struggle to find an opportunity that delivers such a promising ongoing income and with very little cost!

How does this work for you?

You will have exclusive distribution rights to a defined territory, so any club or school that is located in the territory is yours for the taking. There will be literally hundreds of them and all you have to do is present the SportCheck text messaging system to them. We have developed some very effective tools and techniques as well as having available presentation material to assist with this process.

The system has been well tested and proven in the New Zealand market for the last two years and was in development for two years prior to that. In the case of clubs, it is reasonable to expect some 60% of their members opting in to receive a text message.

Income channels are multiple; firstly 80% of the school or club administration setup fee is yours, and secondly, for every text message that a club or school distributes it will cost the receiver 35p of which you get 14p. The second option is for members who want to register their mobile number across multiple teams, clubs and or schools is a £3-for-20 text message option of which you get £1. And finally there is a tremendous opportunity to draw additional income from selling web banners on each club or school's message page on SportCheck, as well as the tagging of a sponsor's note to the weekly email newsletter that the system automatically sends out to all club and school administrators and message senders. There is also the ability to tag text messages. Given the information above, it is not difficult to get a feel for the potential income you could achieve.

So how does SPORTCHECK work?

SPORTCHECK is a simple to use, short messaging conduit between club and school administrators, managers, coaches, players, parents and supporters.

Using the latest technology that can sit alongside, as well as enhance, existing club and school systems significantly reduces the time the administrator, coach or manager spends on the phone or email delivering last minute changes, empowering the clubs and schools to communicate freely with their members/pupils and parents.