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High Street rents are at their most competitive with great availability of suitable locations, coinciding with the UK introduction of one of Eastern Europe's most attractive concepts: Stenders. With a comprehensive range of highest quality handmade soaps, cosmetics and other beauty products - all created with natural ingredients - Stenders has become a highly popular brand in 22 countries worldwide, including Japan and China. Now this Latvian company is seeking serious high calibre candidates to develop its concept across the UK.


Stenders is looking to set up in-store concessions in major, well known department stores across Europe and Asia. The company is seeking prospective Area Developers to establish in-store concessions across a minimum of 5 stores.


'Stenders is the most exciting retail concept in the sector since The Body Shop. The stores bring some excitement to the high street because of the strong Latvian branding. Provided the new franchisees who come onboard are able to recreate and maintain the Latvian image they should be able to separate the Stenders outlets from the competition.'
Professor Roy Seaman

Managing Director of Franchise Development Services

'The products are made to specifically developed recipes and have a very strong emphasis and ethic of quality, naturalness and eco-awareness. The quality of the products, innovative shop design and customer service approach combine to provide the franchisee with a proven formula for success.' FDS Southern Franchise Consultants
Gordon Patterson and Gary Rigby


Stenders has developed an internationally successful franchised retail concept to provide its extensive product range through a unique Latvian health and beauty retail experience. Engaging the customer with unusual decoration and a well-developed culture of customer service, Stenders shops carry a theme reflecting the cultivation of nature, including specially designed furniture made of natural wood. Customer satisfaction with the shopfit and product range is continually tracked and is specifically tailored to each location.

Yes - you can succeed with Stenders...

Latvian Discovery Day for potential Franchisees and Area Development Investors. Stenders is planning to take suitably qualified investors on a trip to Latvia. The trip will take place in May 2009 and be 3 days in total. The only expense will be €575, coveringthe return flight to and from Gatwick, airport transfers, overnight hotel with meals.


The exciting trip begins, you will travel to Latvia (flight times to be confirmed) as you arrive late evening you will have an overnight stay in a beautiful hotel in Riga.


You will have the opportunity to visit three beautiful Stenders shops in Riga. Here you will get a feel for the style of the franchise and the products you would be working with. Next you will visit the head office to meet the Founders, tour the factory, visit the laboratory and have lunch at head office. This is followed by an informative presentation of the Stenders opportunity and then a tour of the historical old town, followed by dinner in a top Latvian restaurant!


The day most awaited by all chocolate lovers, you will be taken on a tour of chocolate shops in Riga, allowing time for tasting! You will then receive presentation at head office to conclude all aspects of the trip before a late afternoon return to the UK.