A unique opportunity to join a luxury retail brand

The Taylor tradition

Since 1854, Taylor of Old Bond Street has manufactured and sold the finest in luxury male grooming products and accessories, creating a brand that has become synonymous with British style and quality.

For over 150 years Taylor of Bond Street has been a family run business but, after extensive market research and product refinement, has decided that now is the time to franchise its concept and is looking for quality franchise owners to expand its brand across the UK and internationally.

By franchising, Taylor of Old Bond Street aims to bring the special appeal of luxury male grooming from an established London brand to a wider market, maintaining the quality and tradition built up over many years.

When joining the Taylor of Old Bond Street retail opportunity, franchise owners will receive dedicated initial and ongoing support from Managing Director Barry Klein and the Taylor of Old Bond Street franchise team.

“We offer a comprehensive training programme that is designed to ensure franchise owners can quickly gain substantial product knowledge and get a real feel for the market place and its potential rewards,” explains Barry.

Taylor of Old Bond Street’s flagship store is located on the fashionable Jermyn Street, one of the capital’s most elegant streets lined with shops serving a highly sophisticated clientele, and has a concession in Selfridges’s flagship store on Oxford Street.

In addition, the brand has global recognition and sells its products all over the world, with particularly impressive sales in the USA, France, Taiwan, Germany and Italy.

With an already thriving and established customer base, franchise owners can join Taylor of Old Bond Street safe in the knowledge that they are investing in a bold and lucrative business model with proven longevity.

Be part of billion pound market

Recent market research has confirmed that the time is right for Taylor of Old Bond Street’s global expansion. It’s a new milestone in the company’s illustrious history and you could become a key player and a vital part of their ambitious expansion plan.

A recently commissioned report on the market for men’s grooming products in the UK found that:

  • The male grooming market is currently estimated to be worth over £14 billion and is continuing to grow year-on-year
  • Men are widening their toiletries repertoire significantly in terms of quantity consumption and product range
  • Skincare is now accepted and increasingly popular – particularly with upcoming generations
  • There is abundant evidence of an upsurge in new niche product and brand launches
  • Today’s fashionable man typically uses eight or more different male grooming products

Taylor of Old Bond Street occupies the prime position in this rapidly expanding market as the brand able to most effectively exploit these exciting fashion and behavioural trends. With the help of its new, exclusive franchise network the company will be able to expand and further strengthen its brand prominence in the rich vein represented by the growing male grooming market sector.

Luxury Products

The Taylor of Old Bond Street products combine more than 150 years of expertise in the art of male grooming, with modern production techniques that enhance the pure and natural ingredients that define the unique product range. The range provides the luxurious and the unusual including hand finished bone handle toothbrushes, shaving sets, shoehorns, hair care, mirrors, manicure sets and colognes.

Some of the toiletries are paraben-free, including a new range, which is also allergen-free, to meet the changing demands of modern consumers, but the Taylor of Old Bond Street commitment to quality is never compromised.

Taylor of Old Bond Street is dedicated to preserving the classic style of its brand while developing new products to cater to the modern man. The Jermyn Street collection, which was tested and refined for two years to perfect its allergen-free formula, is aimed at the younger man with sensitive skin.

Role of franchise owner

As a franchise owner you will enjoy the best of both worlds. You will have the freedom and autonomy of being head of your operation, but all the while being solidly reinforced by the highly experienced Taylor of Old Bond Street franchise support team.

Franchise owners will be responsible for overseeing the running and development of the Taylor of Old Bond Street outlet and provide customers with quality products and excellent customer service. Prospective franchise owners should have a genuine passion for the male grooming business and the Taylor of Old Bond Street brand.

Individuals who qualify to own this business will be investing in one of the most interesting luxury brands, now available as a franchise. The goal of the company is to establish the Taylor of Old Bond Street brand within luxury shopping malls and prime shopping locations worldwide. Taylor of Old Bond will only be establishing its retails outlets in the most sophisticated and luxurious locations throughout the world, with Monte Carlo, Nice or Cannes set to be home to its first European location.

Who are we looking for?

Only those individuals or organisations that have the imagination and the business acumen to recognise the true potential inherent in becoming a key player in the newly formed franchise will be considered. As well as this, franchise owners need to share the Taylor of Old Bond Street vision of providing top quality, state-of-the-art male grooming products and a commitment to the provision of excellent customer service.

Taylor of Old Bond Street is currently looking to establish 21 key franchise locations, in only the most desirable locations, throughout the UK and worldwide.

If you are looking for a profitable and exciting business opportunity in a growing market, Taylor of Old Bond Street could be the opportunity for you. If you have the skills, passion and necessary funds to invest in this illustrious British brand then Taylor of Old Bond Street would be delighted to hear from you.

Desired National Locations

Westfield Shopping Centre