A unique opportunity to join a luxury British brand

For over 150 years, Taylor of Old Bond Street has been renowned for providing luxury male groom products and it is now franchising its concept for the first time.

When Taylor of Old Bond Street was founded in 1854 it quickly became known within fashionable circles as the place to go for top-quality male grooming products. Over the years the company has remained popular with discerning customers who are not only looking for luxury products, but who also appreciate the brand’s quintessential British style and elegance.

Now for the first time in its history, Taylor of Old Bond Street is franchising its concept and is looking for quality franchise owners to expand its brand across the UK and internationally.

The owners of Taylor of Old Bond Street have chosen to expand by franchising because they believe that this is the most effective method of growing the company, not only for the franchisor but also for franchise owners. Barry Klein, Director of Taylor of Old Bond Street, explains: “Franchise owners will enjoy the best of both worlds. They will have the freedom and autonomy of being head of their operation, but all the while being solidly reinforced by the Taylor of Old Bond Street franchise support team.”

Taylor of Old Bond Street has worked hard to ensure that it has all the systems in place to offer franchise owners all the training and support needed to successfully own and operate its retail business. Barry continues: “We offer a comprehensive training programme that is designed to ensure franchise owners can quickly gain substantial product knowledge and get a real feel for the market and all its potential rewards. We guarantee nothing less than full commitment from the entire Taylor of Old Bond Street head office, from Executives to members of the franchise support team.

“Real experience is required in the traditional male grooming sector and that expertise will be readily available to franchise owners from the first moment they start their business. In fact the support offered to franchise owners will begin before they even launch their business through our site selection team, who will be able to help franchise owners to quickly establish whether or not their chosen location meets all the criteria to achieve maximum turnover.

“As soon as franchise owners launch their business they will be working within a tried and tested, fully proven business plan. They will also benefit from a wealth of knowledge, which will save valuable time and money and will allow them to avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes that beset inexperienced operators. Our team of experts will be right there at all times, particularly in the early critical launch stages, helping our franchise owners to build a successful business quickly and effectively.”

Taylor of Old Bond Street realises that to ensure its brand remains known for providing both a quality shopping experience and luxury products it needs to recruit only top quality franchise owners. For this reason the company has established a rigid recruitment process to ensure that only franchise owner candidates who match the company’s high criteria will be awarded franchises. The recruitment process has also been designed to ensure that prospective franchise owners are certain that the Taylor of Old Bond Street is the right opportunity for them.

Candidates can be either individuals or organisations, however they must have a track record of business success. As well as this potential investors need to share the Taylor of Old Bond Street vision of providing top quality, state-of-the-art male grooming products and a commitment to the provision of excellent customer service.

Taylor of Old Bond Street is currently looking to establish 21 key franchise locations in the UK and worldwide and is keen for entrepreneurs who share its dedication to providing a luxury shopping experience to contact the company for further information.

A 150-year-old brand with modern products

Taylor of Old Bond Street’s products combine and represent the company’s long history of expertise in the male grooming sector.

Its celebrated range of shaving creams, soaps, shaving accessories, aftershaves and colognes contain pure plant extracts obtained from natural ingredients such as sandlewood, lavender and rose.

Wherever possible, the company has carefully selected and prepared products that are allergen and paraben-free to meet the changing demands and high expectations of modern consumers. The latest modern production techniques are used to further enhance the pure and natural ingredients that define the Taylor of Old Bond Street brand.

A recently commissioned report on the market for men’s grooming products in the UK found:

  • Men are widening their toiletries repertoire significantly in terms of quantity consumption and product range
  • Skincare is now accepted and increasingly popular – particularly with the younger generation
  • There is abundant evidence of an upsurge in new niche product and brand launches
  • Fashionable men today typically use eight or more different male grooming products

Reported by Tiffany Brooking and Derin Ibrahim