The Taylor Tradition

Established luxury male grooming company, Taylor of Old Bond Street, will soon be recruiting franchise owners in the UK to begin its global retail outlet expansion.

A Unique Opportunity

Since 1854, Taylor of Old Bond Street has manufactured and sold the finest in luxury male grooming products and accessories, creating a brand that has become synonymous with British style and quality.

By franchising, Taylor of Old Bond Street aims to bring the special appeal of luxury male grooming from an established London brand to a wider market, maintaining the quality and tradition built up over many years. Taylor of Old Bond Street, while rooted in the English tradition of a high quality brand established from a time-gone-by, has become a modern classic.

The flagship store is located on the fashionable Jermyn Street, one of the capital’s most elegant streets lined with shops serving a highly sophisticated clientele, and a concession in Selfridges’s flagship store on Oxford Street.

In addition, the brand has global recognition and sells its products all over the world, with particularly impressive sales in the USA, France, Taiwan, Germany and Italy.

With an already thriving and established customer base, franchise owners can join Taylor of Old Bond Street safe in the knowledge that they are investing in a bold and lucrative business model with proven longevity. Initial total investment ranges from £180,000 to £270,000 depending on country and local pricing.

Taylor of Old Bond Street takes pride in its excellent customer service and unique product range, which has been refined over 150 years of trading. Prospective Franchise Owners should share this desire to provide top quality service and have a genuine passion for the male grooming business and the Taylor of Old Bond Street brand.

The goal is to award two locations in 2011, confirming the philosophy of expanding slowly, having launched the flagship store in 1854. Ultimately, they would like to establish 25 worldwide locations by 2025.

Luxury Products

The Taylor of Old Bond Street products combine more than 150 years of expertise in the art of male grooming, with modern production techniques that enhance the pure and natural ingredients that define the unique product range. The range provides the luxurious and the unusual including hand finished bone handle toothbrushes, shaving sets, shoehorns, hair care, mirrors, manicure sets and colognes.

Some of the toiletries are paraben-free, including a new range which is also allergen-free, to meet the changing demands of modern consumers, but the Taylor of Old Bond Street commitment to quality is never compromised.

Taylor of Old Bond Street is dedicated to preserving the classic style of its brand while developing new products to cater to the modern man. The Jermyn Street collection, which was tested and refined for two years to perfect its allergen-free formula, is aimed at the younger man with sensitive skin.

For the convenience of businessmen and jet-setters, Taylor of Old Bond Street produces travel size products, enabling customers to always have their favourite luxuries on hand.

The Taylor of Old Bond Street products appeal to a variety of consumers, from high profile UK politicians and established actors to the style conscious everyday man looking for quality products at affordable prices.

The Taylor Tradition

The Taylor tradition was founded on 1st September 1854 by Jeremiah Taylor, the great grandfather of today’s Chairman. He opened his hairdressing and hair treatment salon in Bond Street and gained a reputation in British Society for the botanical extract he used for hair and scalp treatment. His son, Ivan, using his training as a chemist, succeeded his father by developing many fine herbal treatments.

The Taylor tradition continued through the next generation with Sidney, who became Chairman of the company in 1930. In 1955 Leonard, the current Chairman, joined his father and continued to develop the Taylor of Old Bond Street products. His brother-in-law Stanley also joined the company, keeping the family tradition alive.

In 1958, the male grooming company was expanded to its current location on the elegant Jermyn Street, which was almost exclusively aimed at the gentleman’s market.

Most recently, Leonard’s son-in-law Barry joined the family business, eager to continue the Taylor heritage and take the brand and its unique products to exciting new heights.

The business continues to uphold the same values as it did when it was first founded – offering the best possible grooming products at an affordable price, using as pure and natural ingredients as possible, while providing outstanding customer service.