The Secret of Success!

The Business Club membership opens the door to a range of valuable business building activities. The company is now seeking to grow its franchise network with ambitious and experienced sales professionals

If you Google 'secrets of success' you'll get thousands of references with many people sharing their 'secrets'. Some have hundreds of secrets and some have just a few, but nearly all agree on one point:

The secret of success is to do what you most enjoy doing............
......then the long hours, commitment and day to day issues of running a business become a pleasure.

Guess what? Your enjoyment and enthusiasm is infectious. People will want to work for you, clients will want to buy from you, success and profit becomes so much easier to achieve. To succeed every business needs sales (the enjoyable bit) but unfortunately it also needs back office and admin. Only rarely do you find an individual who loves selling and loves admin.

So when we designed The Business Club franchise package we did it in such a way that the franchise owner has only to focus on sales (generating new members) and nurturing (looking after members). All the boring but essential back office stuff is done by Head Office, leaving you free to enjoy your passion of meeting people and businesses and matching their needs (sometimes called selling) to Business Club Membership.

We're looking for people who love selling, or are happy to sell and manage sales people, who enjoy helping people and truly believe that business should be fun.

The Business Club is a truly unique opportunity to build a rewarding business based on helping go-ahead businesses to become more profitable and work with each other to achieve real success.


  • Doing business with other member companies
  • Discovering new ideas to develop and grow their business
  • Accessing new suppliers and methods
  • Sharing successes (and failures) with like minded business people
  • Hearing from top quality speakers
  • Access to extensive business advice
  • Bespoke management software package providing customer relationship management (CRM), intranet, remote working and much more
  • Membership is corporate, i.e. all members of staff can participate in events and benefit

Reported by Managing Director Brian Soanes

Initial Investment Requirement

To ensure The Business Club attracts the right franchise owners, it has developed a range of innovative funding packages to meet the needs of individuals. The up front liquid funds required can be as low as £10,000.

Franchise Benefits

  • A unique operation - no direct competition (quite different to business introduction networks and contrasting markedly with the local Chamber of Commerce).
  • Revenue is generated across a large number of clients on a contractual basis.
  • Franchise owners become respected and influential within their local business community.
  • Each franchise has thousands of target clients within a 20 mile radius.
  • The nature of the business model rapidly builds asset value for those who decide to sell the business later on.
  • Innovative funding packages help franchise applicants.
  • A really fun and interesting business, with no admin.
  • Genuine help, support and advice with intense involvement during the first three months and strong support through the first year.