The time is now, it's your revolution!

One of the leading financial management consultancies in the UK specialising in operational finance within small to medium-sized businesses.

The Financial Management Centre are passionate about performance and take immense pride in our innovative approach to help organisations of all sizes to excel. Our vision is to be the leading financial management consultancy by building strong and successful client partnerships based on this innovation, performance and passion.

Our core values are:

Innovation by utilising technology and best management practice to stay agile in a changing market

Performance through helping our clients, their management and professional advisors to even greater success

Passion by loving what we do and who we work with

Our unique selling points that you could offer to businesses include:

  • A unique customer experience focusing on creating real value thereby differentiating ourselves from our competitors.
  • Many business owners do not have skills in finance so The Financial Management Centre service provides a ‘financial cornerstone’ for their business, giving them a better understanding of their finances in real time and thereby allowing them to make better business decisions.
  • That 80% of our competitors are one man bands/sole practitioners without the back up, brand name or standard quality of service of being part of a national network.

Meet Louise Lloyd

Louise is a Chartered Management Accountant with a diverse background such as working for a FTSE 100 company implementing enterprise-level accounting systems such as SAP. She had wanted to set up her own business but was worried that her lack of marketing and sales skills would hold her back from expanding her client base at the rate she would need to grow a viable business.

Louise Lloyd joined The Financial Management Centre in August 2008. She understood that providing small businesses with the up to date information they so dearly need would allow them to make informed business decisions, benefiting SMEs so much so, that the service she provides would become invaluable to them.

She rightly describes that “small business owners are becoming more conscious of the management of their cash flow and understanding this can be done through a bookkeeping service that is cost-effective, whilst maintaining a high level of service”.

Therefore The Financial Management Centre Lymington has been experiencing a massive demand that has increased under the recession, in fact the entire network have been experiencing their best months yet.

Louise has fulfilled her short term goals of establishing a fine reputation as The Financial Management Centre Lymington and goes on to display her satisfaction of her choice of becoming a part of The Financial Management Centre franchise, as she describes her long term hopes as ‘world domination’! Louise is currently signing to gain a second franchise territory.