Tongue Tied

Tongue Tied's first-rate services are proving indispensable to its franchisees' clients. Adam Browning reports

Tongue Tied's 15 years of industry experience were successfully put to the test this year as its comprehensive translation services were employed for the London 2012 Olympic Bid.

Translating presentations from the bid team members - including messages from the Queen, Tony Blair and Sebastian Coe - into five languages for the Olympic Committee, Tongue Tied proved indispensable to London's Olympic triumph.

Employing a team of over 4,000 specialist translators, Tongue Tied's enviable blue chip client base includes such renowned names as American Express, IBM, The Body shop and Air Miles. With a growing portfolio of business services, Tongue Tied is securing its place as one of the most successful translation and interpretation service providers.

While many companies provide only a limited number of languages, or are not able to provide technical interpreters, Tongue Tied offers a wide range of services including: translation, typesetting, interpretation including short-term placement, conference organisation, full desktop publishing and print services, recently adding a brochure and marketing design division to this portfolio.

'The UK market for outsourced translations is growing,' states co-founder John Shouler. 'Our seven offices around the UK have won contracts with over 500 clients. 'This is a home-based business with good profit margins and low overheads. Operating within the proven Tongue Tied business model, company projections indicate a first year turnover of £70,000.'

In plan with their expansion strategy, Tongue Tied is looking for business builders seeking a white-collar opportunity with potential. Importantly, there is no need to possess any foreign language skills - this is purely a sales and marketing opportunity for franchisees wishing to sell first-rate services. This was the attraction for Manchester franchisee Richard Hale: 'In looking for a future career in franchising, I discovered Tongue Tied and found that there was great potential in the industry.'

The franchisee's investment provides access to Tongue Tied's vast operating knowledge; three days' training in sales and marketing, reviewing the marketing plan, keeping financial records, and using the computer system; support via a hotline; regular financial reviews; and an invitation to the annual conference.

Five years into his business, Richard reveals that the training provided by Tongue Tied was more than enough to get him started, adding: 'They provide me with fantastic support, gladly giving me assistance if I require any help. It was a worthwhile investment with proven results.'

Reaching targets and forecasting steady growth, Richard reveals that a prospective Tongue Tied franchisee 'should ideally have a background in sales and marketing as this can be of great benefit to the business.'

John agrees: 'Candidates should have good communication skills, be hard working, self-reliant and possess a genuine desire to be self-employed.