Father and son focus on franchise success

It is only apt that one of the most successful of family portrait specialists Venture Photography's franchise territories is run by a father and son team.

Venture Photography, founded in 2000, is the UK's largest 'Personal Photography' company, offering bespoke photographic experiences in its 55 studios across the UK, and a further seven studios in Dublin, Hong Kong and Connecticut, USA, with plans to significantly expand its presence globally over the next few years.

In just over 10 years the company has reinvented the traditional 'sepia' family portrait and introduced a high energy, fun photographic experience, to reflect 21st century family life and create a piece of personal art for the home.

Each Venture studio in the UK photographs around 1,000 clients per year, who spend on average £700. Last year, Venture turned over circa £40 million, making it one of the most successful personal photography companies in the UK.

A franchise owner agreement with Venture lasts five years and each franchise owner is allocated an exclusive territory.

Once signed, a new UK franchise owner will go through an initial six week intensive training programme.

A Venture franchise presents an exciting business opportunity for those keen to start their own business but who want the support, training and experience an established brand offers.

To be a successful Venture franchise owner, the studio will be run as their sole business (a prerequisite by Venture).

They will also have good management skills including experience of leading a small team and an understanding of small business finance and administration. An interest in photography is also key - as is dedication to the business and a passion to make it work.

Often these skills can be found within families as Fred and Richard Frederickson - father and son found out.

Fred, 60, and Richard, 32, run the Venture Photography franchise in Darlington which they bought in 2002.

The team at Venture Darlington is important to Fred and Richard, many of whom have been with the business since the beginning. Fred says: "We encourage our team to take part in regular training courses to ensure our clients receive a high level of service and an enjoyable Venture experience."

Each Venture portrait tells a story and Fred and Richard encourage their photographers to portray this in each picture they take.

Mark Witter, Venture's Franchise Development Director, says: "Fred and Richard have taken full advantage of the training programmes we offer to our franchise owners, producing a highly qualified team who continue to build great relationships with their clients, encouraging them to buy into the brand and out-perform other businesses in their remit."

"Richard and Fred have grown with the business and are a great example of how a family can work together and achieve results.

Fred adds: "There aren't many businesses where a father and son can work alongside each other compatibly.

"The key to our success is hard work, believing in each other and a passion to succeed - my son and I make a great team."