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Charles Millar is no stranger to being his own boss. He’s worked for himself on and off since he was 20 years old in the IT sector for some of the world’s largest brands, including Hewlett Packard and UBS Bank.

With proven problem-solving skills and technical acumen, he also founded several businesses throughout his career, many of which were sold for a profit.

In addition to that, Charles has also built a small property portfolio worth £1m in less than four years.

So why turn to online retail? Well, Charles was looking for a business model that could break him out of the 9-5 corporate world and give him the freedom and flexibility he wanted.

Charles explained: “At the start I was sceptical because it just seemed too good to be true. But, once I started and got my first product live then I soon realised the power of the business model. It could be scaled to any level you desired while working in the business part-time and generating an additional or replacement income and more.

Charles now has two brands in the supplements and home and kitchen categories. In total, he has seven products in his portfolio which he sells in the US marketplace. He generates $34,000 in turnover per month.

“My greatest learning curve has been understanding how important it is to follow the process and systemise your business when it’s small to allow you to grow rapidly. Now I can control my own destiny and spend time with the family. I’ve achieved happiness,” concluded Charles.


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