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Denise Parker’s CV is certainly one to admire. An executive and personal coach, business trainer, facilitator and published author, Denise has almost 20 years’ experience leading development programmes for large corporations, small businesses and Central Government. She’s coached countless senior executives, line managers and entrepreneurs both in the UK and internationally, and that’s on top of working in the financial sector for 14 years.

Having said that, she had no experience of selling physical products or internet marketing prior to 2014.

“One spring morning I’d been chatting with a friend about business and for some reason I said it might just be easier to find a product, buy a product and sell a product,” said Denise. “Later that same afternoon I got an email about an online business opportunity and the rest is history.”

For Denise, the timing was perfect and she could see the potential. It sounded like a real opportunity to do exactly what she’d just been talking about. She was excited by the prospect of creating an additional income to supplement her existing business and free up more time and energy for people, interests and causes she cared about.

Denise particularly liked the idea of being able to generate income without having to commute or even while asleep.

While originally wary, Denise’s reservations were quickly dismissed when she began the training.

Denise added: “The training was very thorough yet easy to follow as it leads you through a clear, logical sequence in bite sized chunks. You could progress as quickly or as slowly as you wanted and fit it around other commitments. There was also great support available from the mentors and from the whole community.”

With four products live, Denise’s current annual net profit is $44,024. She has since realised that her e-commerce business isn’t just an additional income stream but just that, a real business that she can take as far as she wants.

“Having the systems already in place to follow meant I was up and running and making money in a matter of weeks,” added Denise. “As a result, I now have the freedom and flexibility to do what I want. Don’t get me wrong, there’s work to be done, but I can mostly please myself when and where I choose.”


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