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Following the launch of its Green Scheme Transport System, shipping franchise opportunity Cargocall has been enjoying a stream of enquiries from environmentally aware customers.

Director, Gary Clere, explained that since 1997, Cargocall has never owned so much as a transit van, or a warehouse yet it has efficiently shipped millions of kilos of freight around the world for its customers.

“Many of these customers are now asking companies like ours to prove we can actually contribute to better environmental practices and we’re pleased to say we’ve been doing it all along, right from day one,” he said, adding that Cargocall’s brokerage type business methods make this possible.

“Most companies that operate commercial vehicles on our roads do so without maximising their capacity,” said Clere. “Cargocall utilises this spare capacity and then makes sure that goods are delivered direct to depots, ports or airports and not returned to a Cargocall warehouse only to be moved on again.

“It cuts out double-handling of freight and also ensures we don’t put another vehicle on our already congested roads. We now actively market this approach to our potential customers and it’s definitely a winner. ”


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