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Cargocall has recently added Telford and North Midlands to its growing network of franchised territories.

Franchise owner Adnan Farooq, along with his team, is now positioned to offer the full range of Cargocall shipping and logistics services into his area.

Farooq previously worked for an airline-handling company and was looking to establish his own business when he came across the Cargocall franchise. Since beginning his business in March, Farooq has received numerous shipping enquiries, he said: “This is a great opportunity in an exciting business sector with huge potential. Most people just don’t realise how many companies import or export and how these goods are moved. Our Cargocall business is placed to move any type of product to or from any part of the world so we can capture all opportunities. That was just one of the attractions of the Cargocall franchise.”


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