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An organisation that raises money for coffee-farming communities to help provide the coffee farmers with the support, education and resources they need to improve the quality of their life.

Managing Director of Esquires Coffee Houses UK Peter Kirton says: 'As one of the UK's leading brands in quality coffee Esquires Coffee Houses recognises its responsibility in creating a sustainable future for coffee growing communities.

'I am extremely proud of the company's Fairtrade commitment and I continue to look for new ways the company can further its impact on the communities with which it works. As a result Esquires Coffee Houses has secured strong relationships with both its suppliers and its customers, as well as one of the best tasting coffee blends on the market.'

In 2007 Esquires Coffee Houses made the executive decision to only sell Fairtrade coffee, the Fairtrade products on offer has expanded and includes tea, hot chocolate, sugar and a selection of confectionary goods through Divine Chocolate.


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