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The institute is the academic branch of the International Franchise Association's Educational Foundation. IFA, the world's largest and oldest trade organization representing the franchising sector, counts among its members more than 1,100 franchise systems, 8,000 franchisees and 400 suppliers.

FDS Egypt's achievements include starting the first franchise directory in Egypt. "We found that there were lots of qualified franchisors and ready investors," says Hammad. "Part of the challenge we face in the Egyptian market is that investors don't have the information necessary to find a suitable franchise and take a decision. That is what the Egypt Directory was about, informing investors of the available opportunities and giving them the preliminary data necessary to investigate a potential opportunity."

Hammad has also helped several local concepts begin franchising. Franchising is new to most companies in Egypt. For example, many of them beginning think about writing a manual for the first time only after an investor has approached them asking for a franchise. "My role has been to use the accumulated know-how of FDS to advise the client on the best way to franchise," says Hammad. "Writing the manual has been an important part of this advice."

More than 500 candidates are currently enrolled in the CFE programme. Certified Franchise Executives benefit from acquiring specialided knowledge, sector recognition, peer-level networking and professional standing. Candidates must complete a rigorous course of study to earn the CFE designation, which includes attending institute-sponsored educational seminars and workshops. The programme is designed to enhance franchising professionals' understanding of both the sector's fundamental and complex aspects.

Osama Hammad CFE, Managing Director of FDS Egypt


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