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Franchise Development Services, based in Norwich, England has worked with a number of big brands over the past 32 years, including McDonalds, CeX and Granite Transformations to help aid their franchise development. Barry Connellan will continue the excellent work of FDS across Ireland indefinitely.

Connellan said: “Over the last year or so I have got to know Roy and Judy and they ooze passion for the franchising industry, which is something I fundamentally believe is right for Ireland. I looked at some other franchise businesses to invest in but this is a nice business and the consultancy side of it is something I am very interested in, I think franchising makes an awful lot of sense.”

Mr Connellan’s collaborative launch programme will incorporate comprehensive marketing to establish his business as a hub for franchising activity. He added: “Currently, Ireland is a small market but it is one that needs to be exposed to franchising more. There are some really clever brands within Ireland that could really benefit from the franchising model and so I suppose my priority is to represent Irish brands and bring them to international markets, FDS enables me to do this.”

To find out how FDS and Mr Connellan could help develop your business through franchising, get in touch today.


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