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Franchise Development Services (FDS) has teamed up with Brand Protect, to provide specialist trademark services.

As an FDS Associate, Brand Protect will offer specialist services, including advice and assistance in all areas of intellectual property, to the franchise industry. Brand Protect has a lot of knowledge in franchising and is able to advise not only on the creation of intellectual property but also how to retain it.

FDS Franchise Consultant Paul Hague said: "We are delighted to recommend Brand Protect to our clients, as they provide sound advice on exactly what actions should be taken to protect trade names and trademarks in readiness for franchising, as well as assisting clients with all the formalities of applying for registration."

Brand Protect's legal services include all aspects of intellectual property so companies can protect themselves against counterfeiting, trademark, patent and copyright infringement. Brand Protect also offers advice on developing business and increasing sales and profits including all aspects of licensing and litigation.

Bernard Whyatt, who is highly experienced in the franchise business and has been in the intellectual property industry for many years, runs Brand Protect which is based near Oxford.

The Brand Protect team offer a free consultation to future and existing franchisors on how to gain the best and most effective brand protection for their brands.


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