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Franchise Development Service (FDS) has successfully expanded its international network further with the signing of three more territories.

The FDS Master Franchise Rights for FDS United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been awarded to StephenO’Donovan, while FDS Lebanon and Iraq has been awarded to Mahmoud and FDS Pakistan to Rana Hafeez.

O’Donovan, Mahmoud and Hafeez have the exclusive rights to operate under the FDS brand, offering a full consultancy service to the franchise industry in their respective countries. They will also mirror other FDS offices’ activities, such as organising seminars and conferences, to raise the profile of franchising.

FDS UAE Managing Director Stephen O’Donovan commented: “The franchise market in the UAE has become more established in recent years with a number of international brands moving into the region. The FDS UAE office will be assisting franchisors to expand into the region, as well as assisting those who are looking to take their franchise overseas.”

Mahmoud will be opening the office in Lebanon later this year and in Iraq by 2014. Mahmoud commented: “When I first met FDS in New York City in June 2012, it was like FDS had read my mind. It was exactly what I had been searching for. I knew then that with the powerful knowledge and platform that FDS provides, we could help people achieve great results.”

Expanding the growth of FDS, Hafeez will open his office in Lahore. Hafeez said: “It is the perfect time to partner with FDS; I am already visualising the great potential of franchising businesses and I am confident that FDS Pakistan will produce tremendous results.”

FDS Managing Director Roy Seaman said: “FDS awarded their Master Franchise Rights to these entrepreneurial businessmen recognising that they appreciated the potential of franchising within these developing countries. All parties show extensive experience in national and international franchising and are well known in their respective countries and beyond.”

FDS adds these new offices to its existing portfolio of international Master Franchises in Spain and Australia. FDS is keen to further expand its global reach by awarding Master Franchise Rights to other international markets.


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