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Black is currently the most popular worktop choice, kitchen refurbishment franchise Granite Transformations has revealed.

According to the kitchen top resurfacing franchise, black is the most popular colour because it goes with any kitchen style, rustic or contemporary, complements any cabinet colour and décor, and introduces a sophisticated, yet inviting note.

Interior designer and property developer, Sian Astley, chose Granite Transformations’ diamond-polished work surface Nero Stella, a slightly sparkling deep black finish, to set off a traditional cream shaker-style kitchen, together with other stylish black elements that keep the room looking fresh and elegant.

Astley said: “Nero Stella’s sharp edges and slimline depth gives the kitchen a more contemporary feel and the wider granite overhang allows for a mid-room breakfast bar area.”

This interior design project was part of a Channel 5 series, Half Built House, which aims to help homeowners whose best-laid refurbishment plans have gone awry. Astley was transforming a large 4m x 8m room into an elegant kitchen-diner, using zoning techniques to create a series of interesting areas.

For the work surfaces, Granite Transformations supplied its Nero Stella worktop material, which is made from natural Italian granite blended with polymer resin, for outstanding strength, flexibility and technical performance. Unlike solid granite slab, this material is slim and lightweight, just a quarter of an inch thick, and is designed to fit neatly over existing worktops or for bonding onto water-reistant construction board in new fitted kitchens.

After preliminary measuring up onsite, Granite Transformations fabricates worktops based around full-size templates in their own workshops, eliminating the usual dust and debris, while ensuring precise dimensions.

Astley recorded in her Moregeous blog: “The Nero Stella granite was effectively wrapped around a template, which can be useful in a kitchen where weight is an issue or where existing tops have to be worked with. Everything [on the island unit] was measured to perfection so as not to overhang the radiator and lose heat, yet leave enough room for plates and to stop small hands reaching the range.”


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