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OVEN cleaning specialist Ovenclean has appointed a new Chief Executive, Ben Page, who sold his own company to join the franchise. 'Ovenclean was the first franchised oven cleaning service and it remains the best,' he says. 'It is a simple business model, easy to operate with low investment requirement and a massive potential marketplace.'

Before deciding to take on the role of Chief Executive, Ben first had his own oven cleaned by local Ovenclean franchisees and declares that he was 'blown away' by the results. 'The specialist Ovenclean system is absolutely amazing,' he declares. 'It achieves superb 'good-as-new' results. No wonder that once customers have had an Ovenclean experience, they use us again and again and recommend us to all their friends!'

Since his appointment, Ben has initiated franchisee meetings to discuss future plans, is evaluating and enhancing the Ovenclean product range and is well underway with rebranding and marketing activity. 'I am passionate about making this brand a big success,' he reflects. 'I spent seven years building up my own business and so I understand what it's like to be out there at the sharp end selling to customers and developing a customer base. I know the pitfalls, but I also recognise tremendous potential and I'm certainly looking forward to making Ovenclean the hot opportunity in franchising for 2009!'


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