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Everyone nowadays has either a smart­phone or a tablet which they use every day. These portable devices allow people to play mobile games on the go, which is something that PC and console games can­not offer. Due to the demand of mobile games, games companies are making millions every day from games that you play for free.

Mobile game studio Project M is offering the world’s first investment opportunity into a unique mobile gaming concept that allows the players for the first time ever, to play a mobile game for free and be awarded real bars of gold for their personal achieve­ments within the game. The game is a gold mining game, set around the 1840’s Californian gold rush era. The game gives the player the ability to be a gold miner and mine these precious gold nuggets.

Once you have banked enough gold nuggets and reached certain mile­stones within the game, you will be award­ed a genuine gold bar via Project M’s partners within the gold industry. These gold bars will be delivered to your home securely, an­ywhere in the world. Truly, the ultimate gamer achievement for anyone to aim for. In order to understand just how lucrative the gaming industry can be, the story of Mel Morris should be covered. He was an entrepreneur and was offered, like many other entrepreneurs, the opportunity to invest in a mobile game company.

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Others declined the offer as they thought it was too high risk or that the mo­bile games market was not a very lucrative one. Morris, being an older gentleman, did not know much about mobile games or even the tech sector, but, in his own words, he took a ‘punt’ and invested £140,000. Morris is now a shareholder in the mobile game behemoth that is King Media, the game develop­ers that successfully launched games such as Candy Crush, AlphaBetty Saga and Pet Saga.

King Media floated for $7 billion last year and is going from strength to strength. From the $7 bil­lion, Morris received more than $530 million from a £140,000 investment. Not bad for a punt. With some of this money he bought Derby County Football Club, the team he has loved and supported since childhood, and became Chairman. Since success stories, such as Morris came to prominence, many entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and even private banks have now tried to tap in to this lucrative sector and have started to make huge investments in game development companies.

King Me­dia and Candy Crush are just the tip of the iceberg. The leading game at the moment is Clash of Clans, which makes more than a $5 million a day, and there are many other games earning similar amounts. If the gaming industry continues to evolve as it has done so far, it will become one of the richest and most profitable sectors in the world.


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