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The mobile games market has now overtaken both the film and music industry together to become the world’s biggest entertainment medium.

Everyone has heard about the multi-million dollar global success of games such as Angry Birds and Candy Crush, but until now the opportunity to tap into this booming market and be part of the next new game that everyone wants to play has not been there.

Project M are launching a brand new game and investment opportunity for the mobile games market that we believe will revolutionise the gaming industry forever.

In Short, they are launching a gold mining game where players mine for gold nuggets. The gameplay will be the same as real world gold mining – digging, panning, and banking. When players have collected enough gold nuggets and have reached certain milestones within the game they are awarded real gold bars which are securely delivered to their home anywhere in the world

This is a world-first! Giving game players a physical award for their virtual gaming achievements has never been done before and this is expected to cause a marketing frenzy and huge excitement in the gaming world.

Now for the really interesting bit!

Project M are offering the world’s first mobile game franchise investment opportunity that allows individuals and companies to be part of this brand new game concept by owning a ‘mining level’ within the game.

By investing in this unique game, you will become the owner of one of these mining levels. You get to choose the name of your mine, select the shape, orientation and colour. You then receive a share of the revenue generated from the game play in your specific mine.Investments start from £15,000 - £120,000 expected returns 438 per cent over three years

The event will be held at the Google Campus on Monday 1st June at 6pm.To find out more about this opportunity please register your attendance for our open day.


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