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Managing Director, Ken Deary, has announced the franchise’s intention of going even further after registering steady growth throughout England in recent years.

Deary said: “We have built our reputation on providing exceptional levels of service and a highly personalised approach closely tailored to our clients’ needs. Everything we do is designed around the client to ensure their dignity; independence and personal choices are respected. We are a business but we put care standards before profit, which is not always the case in the care industry as a whole. “Our aim is to be the leading provider of the highest quality, personalised care at home services in the UK. Currently we have a network of 20 local franchise offices in the UK and we are looking to expand this significantly by moving into key areas of Scotland, such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Perth and Stirling, as well as Northern Ireland.”

If successful, the franchise will significantly extend its worldwide portfolio, which is currently numbered at more than 350 offices. Tim Haigh of Right at Home Sutton and Epsom was the first to take up the franchise opportunity within the UK and sees great potential for the market to grow further. He said: “I’ve also no doubt that Right at Home is going to be the UK’s leading home care franchise within the next five to 10 years and I want to be part of that success.”


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