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Multi-brand franchisor The Filta Group has introduced a new concept to the franchise market and is seeking foundation franchise owners to replicate the success it has achieved with its other proven brands such as FiltaFry Plus and FiltaCool. The new opportunity is Fita-Seal, and centres around providing a refrigeration seal replacement service to the commercial market.

"We are receiving more and more enquiries for FiltaFry Plus franchises every day and due to the success of the business we are literally running out of territories for people to buy," said Franchise Manager Damian Slater. "With the launch of Fita-Seal we are now able to offer another 'blue collar' franchise to people rather than having to turn them away."

The Filta Group describes how refrigeration seals are traditionally costly and problematic to replace, often costing up to £150 per seal to cover an engineer call out for measurement and, after the seal has been ordered and received, a second engineer call out for fitting. "We measure each seal that needs replacing and choose the correct profile which we hold in stock on our vehicles," explained David Duddridge, inventor of the patented equipment used by Fita-Seal. "The new seals can then be made on our vehicles in around 15 minutes due to the Seal Manufacturing Unit that actualy makes the seal there and then. We then return to the area of work and the new seals are fitted in around 10 minutes."

The company reports its service can costs "as much as 50 per cent less than customers would have paid previously and in a fraction of the time." Fita-Seal franchise owners will benefit from the ability to market their services to the growing FiltaFry Plus customer base.

"The investment level for a Fita-Seal franchise is priced in a similar way to FiltaFry and potential earnings and forecasts are similar also," added Damian. "We believe that this could be one of the fastest growing franchise concepts in the UK and can not wait to see our training courses for 2010 busy with new entrepreneurs."


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