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Husband and wife team Fatih and Tracey Tek have expanded their successful Ovenclean business after only two years, adding a second van and recruiting another full time oven cleaner. Despite the prevailing gloom, the couple are still very busy and need additional help with their workload, although new business is increasingly coming from a different direction.

'We have over 2,000 regular customers, but some have scaled back their requirements due to the credit crunch,' reveals Tracey. 'However, we have identified a lucrative new source of business through estate agents and property landlords. One of the consequences of the credit crunch has been a strong increase in the rentals marketplace. As people move out landlords want their properties to look clean and tidy, and that includes a gleaming, good-as-new oven in the kitchen. We have developed an excellent relationship with our local estate agent and have negotiated an exclusive contract with them to meet all their oven cleaning requirements.

'We have worked very hard to build up our business and make sure our customers continue to enjoy excellent service. Now we're reaping the rewards from an established reputation and word of mouth recommendation. However, in times like these, nobody can rest on their laurels and we have to continue to bring in plenty of new business to keep the whole team busy and to enable us to grow. We're pleased to be developing new markets and have been well supported in our efforts by our franchisor, who is designing and printing a leaflet targeted at estate agents and landlords.'


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