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McDonald’s Malaysia is planning to more than double its number of franchise restaurants within eight years.

The fast-food burger restaurant chain is aiming to grow its number of Malaysian restaurants from 230 to 400 by 2016 and 500 by 2020.

Sarah Casanova, Managing Director of MacDonald’s Malaysia, said: “The overall growth plan is driven by opportunity, and the customers are driving opportunity in Malaysia.

“The customers are demanding for McDonald’s outlets. So, when we look at the growth of the business, there’s room for 500 restaurants and I am sure we can reach that number by 2020.”

At the moment the majority of McDonald’s in Malaysia are company-owned, however this is expected to change with more franchised restaurants being opened. Casanova added: “From now, franchise owners are going to grow with us. We will have 30 per cent franchise, or about 100 restaurants, by end of 2014. By end of 2016, 50 per cent of our restaurants, or 200 restaurants, will be franchise restaurants.”


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