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The new owners of McDonald's Thai Master Franchisee McThai Co. are investing 500 million baht (approximately US$14 million) over the next five years to open 50 new domestic restaurants, and renovate existing sites.

"As McDonald's has a strong brand, we don't need to change much but focus on improving product quality and service, and moving with faster speed and efficiency," says Hester Chew, Chair of the one of the McThai Co. Executive Committee.

Chew and his partner Vicha Poolvaraluck recently headed the buy out of McThai Co., and are putting into place a number of initiatives to improve the operations of the company including renegotiating with suppliers, adding more local menu items and introducing new-concept stores including McCafe.

"We will spend about one year to change the perception by giving McDonald's a healthy image, as in Europe, by the launch of more fine products or displaying the nutrition information on the tray," says Vicha, who now serves as the company's Chairman.


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