Couple’s business is really cooking!

Four years after launching their Ovenclean franchise in Egham and Staines, Fatih and Tracey Tek are well on the way to establishing their business dream.

Fatih Tek – known to everyone simply as ‘Tek’ – and his wife Tracey launched their Ovenclean franchise four years ago. Today, they have around 1,500 regular customers, with a second vehicle on the road and two employees to help with the workload.

“We’ve worked very hard to build up our business and we’re reaping the rewards from established, loyal customers who book us regularly and recommend us to others,” says Tracey. “Although we have many private householders who use us regularly, we’re now also focusing on the rentals marketplace, where we can secure forward contracts from lettings agents or landlords for multiple oven cleans. We’ve just agreed our yearly contract with one of our lettings agent customers and we have 45 or so ovens to clean over the next two months. It’s guaranteed work and they always pay us bang on time.”

Turkish by birth, Tek was keen to establish his own business as soon as possible after arriving in England. When he spotted an advertisement for Ovenclean franchise owners in his local newspaper, he says he immediately recognised the potential.

“I visited Ovenclean head office first and then spoke to a few franchise owners,” he recalls. “I also took a good look at the competition, but it was clear that Ovenclean was streets ahead. I was impressed but before I finally decided, I undertook a spot of market research to find out what demand there might be for my services. What I found was that everyone wants a clean oven, but nobody likes to actually clean the oven – in short, everyone needs an oven cleaner!”

Once launched, Tek and Tracey threw themselves into marketing Ovenclean in their territory, delivering leaflets and advertising regularly. They found a strong source of new business proved to be word of mouth recommendations.

“When people saw the fantastic results, invariably they became regular customers and were more than happy to refer us to others,” Tek recalls.

He attributes the success of their Ovenclean franchise to a combination of an excellent, environmentally friendly cleaning system and a courteous, professional service.

“Ovenclean was the first ever cleaning franchise and so is the best known name,” he points out. “There is a comfort factor in dealing with a trusted company – I have quite a few elderly customers who feel reassured by the size and reputation of the company. Of course, it’s also about giving 100 per cent service – we don’t leave a mess in people’s kitchens and we are always polite, considerate and unobtrusive.”

He confirms that there is no typical domestic customer and no typical cleaning job. “Some people just want a regular spruce up, others want a real in-depth clean,” Tek explains. “No matter how dirty the oven is, the Ovenclean system can restore it to spotless condition, looking as good as the day it first came from the shop!”

Despite his evident enjoyment of his business, Tek doesn’t plan to be cleaning ovens for the rest of his working life. Ultimately, the aim is to build a strong team of mobile oven cleaning specialists, which Tracey and Tek will manage.

“Ovenclean really lends itself to being a management franchise, if that’s the way you want to take it,” Tek concludes. “It’s a brilliant opportunity and if you do things properly – the Ovenclean way – you can certainly build a great business and make serious money!”

Ovenclean is the longest established and most successful domestic oven cleaning franchise in the UK, providing specialist oven cleaning services to a large, virtually untapped marketplace, including not only domestic customers, but also commercial work such as schools, lettings agencies and hotels.

Franchise owners operate from professionally liveried vans and so benefit from low overheads and high flexibility. The top quality, powerful yet eco-friendly Ovenclean product range, exclusive to franchise owners, effectively cleans ovens and hobs, Agas, ranges and barbecues, restoring them to pristine condition within a matter of a few hours.

Reported by Megan Dunmore